International Women’s Day – Thread of Souls Celebrates

Here at Thread of Souls we are honoring International Women’s Day with a post about our female characters. As husband and wife co-authors, it is wonderful to take this day to celebrate not only Talia’s contributions to the books, but also the women of Thread of Souls that make it what it is.

From Talia

Hello! It’s me, Talia (aka Ashley) co-author of Thread of Souls and co-owner of Tal & Ru Travels LLC with my amazing husband. Growing up, I was exposed to a lot of sexism from my adoptive family on what a woman should or should not do, say, or believe (and a man, too, but that’s for another time). I am proud of separating myself from those punishing viewpoints, and proud to have a partner that thrives with me in fully embracing ourselves and our dreams for the future.

I have been writing all my life, even before I could properly spell words. I wrote my own books, and when I was old enough to have my own laptop I got into the world of fanfiction and won many awards for my works. Even though I drifted away from my path as an author by following bad advice, I have re-discovered my purpose and passion when I began Thread of Souls with my husband (then-fiance.) You can learn more about my journey here.

Being a female business owner and author, it gives me a wonderful opportunity to showcase characters for who they are in their hearts and souls, and not who they are as defined by gender. I am proud to push a narrative forward that shows complex female characters. Jade was my first character created for Thread of Souls, and the last 8 years with her have been wonderful. Dorian created two of our other major female characters, Ruuda and Jasita. If I had just met Dorian at a TTRPG table and saw the character he was playing was a dual-wielding, super strong, female dwarf with a beard I would have fallen in love with him all over again haha. And if I had met him again when he created and played Jasita, an asexual, analytical, numbers-focused researcher, I would have fallen in love a third time.

We do not create characters with defying harmful stereotypes in mind. Rather, we create a person. As complex, flawed, and beautiful as people are in real life. Men who cry. Women who don’t need romance. Bisexuals that are not horny. Black characters that are kings. For us, we simply ask Who is this person? Where did they come from? What do they want? And How does that shape their personality?

So let’s honor some highlighted female characters from our books below. There are so many more that we can’t possibly feature them all! Monster-hunter Encarna, vampire tyrant Corentin, high priestess Maiathah, and much more. Happy International Women’s Day, and may you continue to showcase complex female characters in your own stories!

The Characters

Ruuda of Clan Drybarrel is a pragmatic, fierce, and no-nonsense dark dwarf. She dual-wields a sword of fire and a war hammer, named Liquor and Forge Breaker respectively. Ruuda loves animals, and would rather spend a night camping under the stars than in the finest tavern in the world. Her love of beer comes from her Clan, which have been brewers for generations. She is the youngest of 12 children and is used to speaking up to get her voice heard. Growing up in a caste system, Ruuda never received a Blessing from their god, the Forge King. This has left a bad taste in Ruuda’s mouth for all things religious and celestial in nature. She has sworn to find the Forge King and make him pay for not Blessing her.


Jade Galanodel is a wild elf druid that lives a nomadic life traveling Corventos. Connected with nature, she avoids cities if at all possible, and is highly judgmental of the urban way of life. She travels with her rescued pet fox, and follows the signs the spirits of nature give her. An accomplished herbalists and cartographer, she is a powerful spellcaster that stands up against injustice. So long as it happens outside of the city walls. Those people can keep their own problems. After losing her fiancé in battle, Jade searches for a new purpose in life. She may have just found one with the mysterious creature known as Rehanine that attempted to kill her in her home city of Oceala.


Jasita Yolarin is a high elf crystalmancer, researcher, and telepathic prodigy. Growing up in the beautiful capital city Eleste’si to historian parents, she was identified at a young age for her talent and taken to the prestigious Citadel. A place of magical study, law, and authority. Jasita did not fit in well with the other students. She found emotions confusing and relationships complicated. Facts and numbers interested her far more. Especially the study of ancient and forgotten elven history that involves dark elves. Jasita excels in everything she puts her mind to, so long as it has nothing to do with people, and is happiest with a book in her hands. Her life is shaken, however, when she encounters a dark elf that has runaway from his home.



Join our adventuring party on Twitch – Fantasy gaming, roleplay, behind the scenes chats, and creating as a couple

We are branching out in 2023. Along with playing our weekly TTRPG campaign, turning it into a fantasy book series, and building a community, we started a Twitch. As the head of video, Dorian has been wanting to stream for many years and with the cards of life falling as they did, he finally got to this year. Let’s talk about what you’ll find on our Twitch, why we started it, and how it stands out from other creators.

Why start streaming and why now?

We starting streaming this year after being laid off. The past few years we’ve never found the time to stream while having full time jobs and working on Thread of Souls. There’s the saying of “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”. While true, not everyone has the same schedule or time within that frame to do what they want. Tis a silly saying and we’re not fans. Now, that we’re free of the corporate monster, we are working for ourselves and can devote as much time to projects as we desire. This led to the discussion of streaming.

We’ve both been gamers our entire lives. From the moment we could pick up a controller and play, we were playing video games. Dorian had a YouTube channel growing up but adult priorities got in the way. Now that we’re older and wiser, we are taking control of our lives and doing what we want. We aren’t passionate about streaming, we’re passionate about telling and playing stories with each other and the community.

What you’ll find on our Twitch

For those who catch our streams, you’ll be entertained by us; a creative couple looking to make it on our own. We stream a few times a week, mainly Tuesday nights, and will pop up randomly throughout the week as we please. You’ll find entertaining stories about our lives as authors, TTRPG creators, artists, and how we make our TTRPG campaign into a book series. Stick around for the following:

  • Cats – Plenty of them. We have two fur babies Gamora and Danaerys who will show up time and again to say meow. Especially Gamora.
  • Games – Elder Scrolls Online, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, tabletop gaming, any fantasy game you can play together
  • Behind the Scenes – How we turn our TTRPG into a book series. It’s unique and we’re one of very few who does it.
  • Creative Couple – We’re a hubby and wifey creative team. We stream and play games together. It is just us two bringing you entertaining stories, dynamic characters, comedy, and spreading happiness.
  • TTRPG Roleplay – When we play video games, we will sometimes roleplay as the character we’re playing as. We’ll speak, act, and behave like they do in the books and in our tabletop game.

What makes us unique?

Streaming is something millions of people do. We’re just two fish in a massive ocean of creators. We aren’t setting out to be the next best thing, we’re here to make you laugh, tell moving stories, and build a community of those who love fantasy, gaming, roleplaying games, and TTRPGs. We do more than just play video games and tabletop games. You’ll get a look into our lives, meet out cats, see our creativity come alive as we draw, roleplay, write, and create Thread of Souls.

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Thread of Souls – Adventure Awaits for January 2023

Happy 2023 everyone! It’s the start of the new year and we here at Thread of Souls are thrilled to take you on new and exciting ventures. Talia and I have been discussing our expectations and goals for the year ahead and there is so much we’re working to bring you. Zip up your explorer’s pack, grab your adventure food, and let’s hit the open road together! Here’s what’s happening in January and how you can join our adventuring party.


Our largest expedition is taking us on a journey into unknown territories. We started live streaming on Twitch! You’ll find us playing video games related to Thread of Souls in one form or another. Here’s what we are playing and why you should join along!

  • Elder Scrolls Online and Elden Ring for epic adventure and storytelling.
  • WWE sees our book characters come to life in the squared circle. Also excellent storytelling.
  • The Witcher is an open world full of dynamic characters, strange and horrific creatures, and grand tales.
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister and Pillars of Eternity II for fully customized TTRPG party play.
An adventure to catch a cat


We started a Patreon! It is just the two of us doing all of this. Your support means so much to us as indie creators. We create all the videos, art, books, blogs, merch, stories, and so much more for Thread of Souls. Supporting us through either Patreon or donations allows us to continue to create moving characters, dynamic stories, and entertaining content.

You should join our adventuring party, for many thrilling quests and travel await!


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You can get your hands on some new merch later this month. We are creating a Thread of Souls Corventos map blanket! Snuggle up with this blanket and a copy of Thread of Souls.

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Thread of Souls is getting an official soundtrack! The first compilation includes 14 tracks made by composer Sean Gartner. You will find the soundtrack most anywhere you can listen to music online. For those who want to hear tracks ahead of its release, join us and adventure on Twitch!


Character Feature: Jasita

Jasita is this month’s character feature! Jasita is a crystalmancer and researcher at the prestigious Citadel. Analytical and fact-based, she finds emotion-centric people both fascinating and frustrating. Life is an experiment, and she is always gathering facts and conducting research. 

Jasita is good at being alone. An only child to absent parents and a young enchantment prodigy at the Citadel, Jasita has trouble in social situations. But she is intellectual, curious, and will happily study her way into exhaustion if it means learning a new spell. Many people don’t like her reading their mind without permission, and it easily puts her at odds with those who could otherwise be her friends.


We first meet Jasita at the end of Phantom Five, apprehending Taliesin and Ruuda for being fugitives on the Surface, though they later escape. She makes a big return in Asunder when our heroes find their way to the Citadel. She realizes this is her opportunity to redeem herself before one of the most powerful people in all of Corventos, her boss, the Magistrate of the Citadel.


Character Feature: Taliesin

Taliesin is this month’s character feature! A headstrong, passionate dark elf healer that cares deeply about others. His risk-taking and button-pushing approach to life creates plenty of conflict, but Taliesin never backs down in the face of injustice or threats.

Taliesin enjoys learning and reading. He is always up for a good time and a late night party. He hates the art of necromancy and has cultivated his skill in driving away undead and banishing ghosts. Religion surrounds his whole life and he wants to use it to guide and help others.

We first meet Taliesin in Phantom Five. His challenge of status in Berenzia has gotten him in trouble with the ruling priestesses. After recovering from eight months of punishment for his wild tongue, he has run away from home. He crosses paths with dark dwarf Ruuda, a fugitive in her own rights. Together, the two set out to explore a new land and find a new direction in both of their lives.



Lore Drop: The Citadel

As readers will know, in book four of Thread of Souls our characters travel to the Citadel. In anticipation for the publication of the book on December 15th, we’d love to share some lore about this new location!

  • The Citadel is technically considered its own territory within Corventos. Its land stretches from the Arcane Fangs on the west, all the way to Viscera’s Bay on the east. While it is much smaller compared to other territories, it is incredibly powerful.
  • The mages of the Citadel practice cystalmancy. The draw upon the power of crystals such as quartz and amethyst to channel their magic. This makes their magic more of a science compared to clerics that draw their power from a divine source.
  • The Magister is the prime deity worshipped at the Citadel. Known also as Naboris, he is credited with giving mortals the knowledge of magic and is depicted holding a “spark” of magic.
  • The Citadel consists of three spires. The Dominicore Spire where decisions are made, the Inquisicore Spire dealing with research, and the Intellicore Spire for the university.
  • Viscera Dante founded the Citadel. Leadership after her has included Aviana Zebell a wild elf, Pava Dante who was Viscera’s daughter, Hallistair Dante who was Pava’s son, the dwarf Karduun Whitetree, and presently Leliana Dante herself.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview lore drop! Look for Thread of Souls: Asunder on December 15th!


Character Feature: The Priestesses

We couldn’t let spooky month pass without a villainess character feature! Here we have the eight priestesses of Berenzia, leaders in its theocratical society. Consider this a sneak peek for characters that will be featured more and more in the coming Thread of Souls books. Happy October!

High Priestess Maiathah

Maiathah leads the entire city of Berenzia and is cunning, merciless, and dangerous.



Standing nearly seven feet tall, Kekilshon is the brute force of the priestesses.


With a perpetual bored expression, Jezmeri is a master of manipulating the minds of others.


Don’t let her big smile fool you. Marionette’s idea of fun often involves knives and pain.


The strategic mind behind Berenzian operations, Fraya is always calm and collected.


This necromancer employs legions of the dead to enforce her will.



She files her teeth to points because she enjoys biting her victims. That is enough said.


Hedonistic and with a large harem of men, Seantir is deadly with her whip in battle.



Character Feature: Captain Sen

This month’s character feature is Sen, captain of the Scarlet Maiden! He is a fun-loving dragonborn as quick to a drink as he is to a brawl.

Sen is a dragonborn in his thirties always seeking adventure. He calls himself a pirate, though he mostly just steals from other pirates. He wields a giant two-headed axe and is a tank in battle, not brought down easily by his enemies. He worships the Tide Bringer, goddess of the sea.

We first meet Sen in Phantom Five in the small coastal town of Somberdale. He has won is 100th tavern pit fight in 100 days. Sen is good friends with paladin Brother Zok and the druid Jade that also live in the town. He loves his life and is not afraid of anything.

That all changes, however, through a series of strange occurrences in Somberdale. When Brother Zok’s mentor is murdered, Sen volunteers to sail his companions down the coast to the desert in search of answers.

What happens on that voyage changes Sen’s life forever.


Character Feature: Artemis Wolfsbane

The character feature for August is Artemis Wolfsbane! A fiercely independent and stubbornly private ranger that adventures the wilderness with her wolf.

Artemis Wolfsbane is a half-elf in her early twenties that was born and raised in the Southern Kingdoms. She doesn’t talk about her past, merely saying that she is a fugitive of the wars that have plagued the South for centuries. An extremely adept fighter, her primary weapon is a bow and arrow.

We first meet Artemis in Phantom Five. She is thrust into a mission given by the strange spellcaster referred to as Jenkins. Afterward she joins up with Brother Zok, Jade, and others to aid them on their quests.

Artemis becomes an integral part of the group. As an archer, a ranger, and a survival expert she quickly has the others relying on her expertise. Known to cause shenanigans with her illusion hat, and for her appetite for desserts, Artemis seems easy-going on the outside.

But the others have noticed that she rises to anger when asked about the Southern Kingdoms. And they wonder what secrets she might be hiding.


Lore Drop: the Queen’s Revenge Plague

This lore drop will feature a plague known as the Queen’s Revenge. This took place in An’Ock, the capital of the Korventine Empire, during the year 848 ADS.

The Queen that the plague is named after is Queen Olive Winslow. She was married to King Fletcher, who inherited the throne from his aunt. Their reign lasted thirty years. They were not well-liked by the populace. More concerned with parties and pleasures than caring for the common folk’s needs, they often left the city to escape the angry crowds.

After one of these trips, Queen Olive returned carrying a plague with her. She succumbed to it, as did many in the city due to her husband’s inability to implement measures of control. The common folk began to call the plague the “Queen’s Revenge”, because it was still killing people even after her death.

King Fletcher became more and more unpopular as the sickness raged on. Two years after the plague began, the year 850 ADS, was the last year of Fletcher’s life. A resistance group had formed to stop the abuse of power by the king. One of its members was a gnome-human woman by the name of Delilah Holloway. Wearing a plague mask, she snuck into the castle at night and slit King Fletcher’s throat. She turned herself in and was executed, but to the public she was a martyr and freedom fighter.

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Things could have quickly fell apart in An’Ock after that. But Delilah and Fletcher had a son named Nicholson. He took power with his wife, Queen Camila. They got the plague under control and restored peace to the city. They were well-loved by the public, and continued on the Winslow line. Centuries later, the royal line recognized Delilah Holloway for stopping a horrible king, and a statue was built in her honor.