Character Feature: Artemis Wolfsbane

The character feature for August is Artemis Wolfsbane! A fiercely independent and stubbornly private ranger that adventures the wilderness with her wolf.

Artemis Wolfsbane is a half-elf in her early twenties that was born and raised in the Southern Kingdoms. She doesn’t talk about her past, merely saying that she is a fugitive of the wars that have plagued the South for centuries. An extremely adept fighter, her primary weapon is a bow and arrow.

We first meet Artemis in Phantom Five. She is thrust into a mission given by the strange spellcaster referred to as Jenkins. Afterward she joins up with Brother Zok, Jade, and others to aid them on their quests.

Artemis becomes an integral part of the group. As an archer, a ranger, and a survival expert she quickly has the others relying on her expertise. Known to cause shenanigans with her illusion hat, and for her appetite for desserts, Artemis seems easy-going on the outside.

But the others have noticed that she rises to anger when asked about the Southern Kingdoms. And they wonder what secrets she might be hiding.

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