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Book IV – Asunder Excerpt

We are drawing closer and closer to the publication date of Asunder, the fourth book in the Thread of Souls octology! Not long ago we shared an excerpt from the upcoming book. Since this week we sent the early book off to our ARC readers, we thought a wonderful way to celebrate would be to share another portion of Asunder! Enjoy !

“What is this?” the paladin asked. 

“One of the Artifact Vaults,” she answered. “Your friends’ belongings have been stored here for the time being. I’ve been able to advocate on your behalf and ensure you can keep your armor. But that blade you carry is interplanar. It must be put here.”

Zok gasped, taking a few steps back. “My Sunsword? But . . . I need it.”

Vera regarded him for a long moment, her expression inscrutable. Then she slowly paced, her arms wrapped over one another. “Do you know the history of the sword you carry?”

“History? I found it in a demi-plane. It was created to slay vampires.”

“Did you know there have been a small handful of such weapons throughout known history?”

Zok hesitated. “ . . . No, I did not.”

“They’ve been known to be weapons of holy warriors,” Vera continued as she paced. Her steps echoed in the room around them. “Extremely powerful and used to take down only the most dangerous of foes. Wyrmrider Renna might be a name familiar to you.” 

“A hero during the Age of Dragons.” He inclined his head. “She served the Holy Dragon and battled the Blight Dragon’s cultists. I heard of her in my studies at the temple.”

“Our records at the Citadel suggests she used one such weapon. A spear of sunlight to battle the darkness of the Blight Dragon.” 

Zok glanced down at the ornate hilt of his sword that hung from his belt. “I am uncertain if what you are telling me is meant to make me want to part with my sword.”

Vera stopped her movement and stared up at him. “I am trying to impress on you the importance of what you carry. Just because you found one that had been transported to a demi-plane does not make it any less significant. We handle all such artifacts with respect and care at the Citadel. I expect you to show the same respect to your sword and not simply carry it for show around a town of civilians.” 

“It is not for show. It is for self-defense.”

“You are in no danger here, you do not need your weapon.”

He shook his head adamantly. “I cannot give it up. It means a great deal to me.”

Vera’s tone was even and unyielding. “You are not giving it up. But until questions can be answered about where you obtained it, it must remain here. Your cooperation will go far in getting it returned to you.”

“On whose authority? Dorian Aster’s?”

“No. The Council of Nine.”

Zok paused, then asked, “Who is that?”

“The Council of Nine consists of each leader of the eight disciplines of the arcane. It also includes the Magistrate, leader of the entire Citadel. Currently, that is Leliana Dante. After the mages of the Inquisicore Spire get the answers needed about you and your friends, you all will be brought before the Council of Nine. There you will have a chance to tell your side of the story to the most powerful people of the Citadel, some of the most influential leaders in all of Corventos. A judgment will then be rendered.”

Zok felt like the room spun around him. The enormity of the situation weighed heavily. He felt so small compared to the mechanisms at work here. He couldn’t even win over the respect of his mother, queen of Eleste’si. How could he do so with these powerful mages?

And so, he surrendered his Sunsword.

Asunder will be published on December 15th via Amazon and other places books are sold at those store’s leisures. We can’t wait to share this exciting installment with all of you!

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