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Thread of Souls is a sprawling eight-book epic fantasy series based off a TTRPG campaign. These stories weave a world of deep history, cultures, and lore with a fascinating pantheon of good and evil gods. Adventure across the vast world of Corventos while diving right into the heart and soul of a diverse and colorful cast of characters whose passions, strengths, and failures drive the story.

Thread of Souls is a must-read fantasy epic that blends swords and sorcery, dragons and mythical creatures, and fully realized locations that take your breath away. From the desert wastelands of the Expanse, down the twisting caverns of the Deep Hollows, through the beautiful streets of the Elven capital city, and all the way to the icy tundra home of the Citadel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Featured in Goodreads’ “100 Books to Beat the Reading Slump

Awarded #2 Best Read of 2021 on a book review blog

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Phantom Five

In the first installment of this thrilling series aspiring Paladin Zok hopes the sleepy coastal village he traveled to will be his new home. A place to become a full-fledged Paladin of his dragon god away from large cities where his Half-Elven heritage is shameful. But his world is rocked when the temple High Priest, his beloved mentor, is murdered. Now Zok finds he can’t trust anyone in a place that once felt like a safe refuge.

Seeking answers within the catacombs beneath the temple, a dark plot reveals itself. Zok teams up with old and new friends on a journey for answers and for justice. He discovers that if he is ever to become a Paladin, he will have to rise to a challenge that takes him further from home than he’s ever been, and against the most dangerous enemies he’s ever faced.

Ash & Thunder

In the second installment of this exhilarating series orphan thief Unolé expects things to go smoothly when she leads her adventuring group of friends to her home city, the empire’s capital. She is eager to warn the capital’s rulers about the oncoming threat they discovered in the desert. But instead of a warm welcome and a simple mission, she finds the city wrought with deception.

The royal children are missing, mysterious murders happen overnight, and the group’s own loyalties are questioned. Worse, Unolé’s primary contact within the city, the Shadow Guild, has marked her a traitor. Unolé must quickly get to the bottom of this tangled web of lies and death and clear her name. If she can’t, she will lose the only home she’s ever known.

Path of the Spiders

In the third installment of this haunting series talkative Dark Elf cleric Taliesin finds himself flung across the planes with his companions. Accidentally pulled through a portal, he enters a land of danger and intrigue far different than anything he’s ever seen. All he wants is to find a way back home. But that is complicated by the tantalizing promise of answers. Answers to the very question he ran away from home for. Where have all the spiders gone?

Taliesin must navigate dubious alliances, slave auctions, and blood rituals on his quest. And with each new challenge vanquished he becomes a more capable spellcaster than he’s ever been. But for the young and impulsive Dark Elf, there is no personal risk too great for what he wants. And now he must weigh the cost of answers against the danger to those he cares for most, as well as to his own soul.