The Characters

Jade Galanodel / Moontide

Demographics: 406 years old, wild elf, female, bisexual

Build: 5’5, slender and athletic

Home: Oceala; the Eleste Lowlands

Profession: Druid, Herbalist, Cartographer, Nomad

Personality: Wise, Perceptive, Caring, Responsible, Focused, Critical, Reserved, Judgmental, Private, Mature

Companions: Foxy, Brother Zok, Sen

Enemies: Queen Mirandril Galanodel

Background: Jade was born into a nomadic tribe. She learned druid magic from her mother before studying it officially with an archdruid. She has traveled around most of Corventos across her many centuries of life.

Quest: Plagued by devastating visions sent to her by the spirits of nature, Jade is determined to find the cause and stop the potential destruction of her homeland.

Taliesin of House Ostoroth

Demographics: 98 years old, dark elf, male, bisexual

Build: 5’7, slender

Home: Berenzia; the Deep Hollows

Profession: Cleric, Healer, Exorcist

Personality: Curious, Rebellious, Energetic, Compassionate, Adventurous, Impulsive, Emotional, Unruly, Passionate, Carefree

Companions: Ruuda Drybarrel

Enemies: High Priestess Maiathah Xanphia

Background: Taliesin was born into a cult with utter faith in their goddess. Though he belonged to a wealthy House, he was raised and well-loved by the house slave. He made a mark early on not only for his spellcasting prowess, but also for his disobedience to the rules of a highly rigid society.

Quest: After intruding on a private meeting of the ruling priestesses and insulting their authority, Taliesin has run away from home seeking a way to redeem himself.

Ruuda of Clan Drybarrel

Demographics: 106 years old, dark dwarf, female, bisexual

Build: 4’5, muscular

Home: Balum Guar; the Deep Hollows

Profession: None: Unblessed

Personality: Pragmatic, Distrusting, Introverted, Cautious, Caring, Loyal, Observant, Insecure, Disciplined, Quiet

Companions: Taliesin Ostoroth

Enemies: Priest Taggard

Background: Ruuda was born into a caste system, where each person’s path in life is determined by a Blessing. All of Ruuda’s Blessings, however, have turned out to be wrong. And that has gotten her Clan into trouble and debt.

Quest: Ruuda has left home, told by her family to go discover her true Blessing. Ruuda has her own quest, however. She wants vengeance on the god that never Blessed her.

Captain Sen

Demographics: 33 years old, dragonborn, male, pansexual

Build: 7’0, bulky

Home: Somberdale; Korventine Empire

Profession: Pirate

Personality: Active, Bold, Friendly, Immature, Impatient, Loud, Proud, Dependable, Unmannerly, Protective

Companions: Jade, Brother Zok

Enemies: Korventine law

Background: Raised on the docks, Sen’s daring attitude and desire for gold led him to joining a pirate crew. He rose the ranks to become first mate to a captain he greatly respected. When she found a new ship, he became captain of the Scarlet Maiden.

Quest: Sen enjoys a simple life with simple goals. He can raid merchant ships and get gold. Or he can battle in fighting pits and get gold. But when his friends are in need, Sen is swept up into an adventure of covert plots and dangerous magic that he is entirely unprepared for.


Demographics: 26 years old, half-fiend, female, heterosexual

Build: 5’2, petite

Home: An’Ock; Korventine Empire

Profession: Thief, Rogue

Personality: Focused, Secretive, Criminal, Materialistic, Selective, Loyal, Untrusting, Deceptive, Amiable, Committed

Companions: Unatchi, Teshuva, Fade

Enemies: The Grandmother

Background: Unolé grew up an orphan in An’Ock. When she was twelve, a half-fiend baby was dropped off and she was told it was her sister. When she and her sister, Unatchi, aged out of the orphanage they tried to make a living stealing on the streets. They were caught by the Shadow Guild, an underground criminal organization. Instead of being punished, they were hired to be the newest thieves.

Quest: On a mission to steal a powerful artifact, Unatchi is taken away by a strange monster – a giant bird made of shadow. Unolé is determined to venture across the planes to track down and rescue her sister.

Brother Zok

Demographics: 29 years old, half-elf, male, heterosexual

Build: 6’0, athletic

Home: Sunspire; the Iron Gauntlet

Profession: Paladin, Order of the Holy Dragon

Personality: Ambitious, Faithful, Dogmatic, Insecure, Generous, Brave, Hard-working, Idealistic, Anxious, Diplomatic

Companions: Sen, Jade

Enemies: The cult of the Blight Dragon

Background: Brother Zok left his home to pursue his goal of becoming a paladin. While he is faithful to his Order, he has struggled with issues of racism, of belonging, and of purpose. He has made his way to the small town of Somberdale, seeking to make a meaningful difference at the temple there.

Quest: When a senior member of the Somberdale temple is murdered, Brother Zok finds himself suspicious of his own Order. He must uncover who is behind it not only to avenge his mentor, but to discover his true merit as a paladin.

Artemis Wolfsbane

Demographics: 22 years old, half-elf, female, heterosexual

Build: 5’7, athletic

Home: The Southern Kingdoms

Profession: Ranger

Personality: Wild, Careless, Independent, Childish, Sarcastic, Aggressive, Confrontational, Candid, Adventurous, Charismatic

Companions: Wolfie

Enemies: Unknown

Background: Artemis doesn’t like to discuss her past. She will only admit to being trained as a ranger and being from the Southern Kingdoms. But her prowess in battle, her hatred of orcs, and her fierce independence makes her companions only more curious what the full story is.  

Quest: Artemis finds herself unexpectedly plucked from her travels and thrust into the middle of a game of intrigue between an older spellcaster and a group of adventurers. To their curiosity, she eagerly agrees to join in on their exploits. But Artemis has something much larger she is running from.   


Demographics: 30 years old, dragonborn, male, heterosexual

Build: 6’7, tall and lean

Home: Unknown

Profession: Wizard

Personality: Eccentric, Curious, Bumbling, Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Manic, Socially Awkward, Agreeable, Brainy

Companions: the Phantom Five

Enemies: Unknown

Background: Unknown  

Quest: Skar confidently introduces himself to others as a wizard from Volcano Island. The only problem is that no such place exists. Skar struggles to remember who trained him in magic, where he was born, and what he is doing here.

Jasita Yolarin

Demographics: 325 years old, high elf, female, asexual

Build: 5’4, petite

Home: Eleste’si; the Eleste Lands

Profession: Crystalmancer, Researcher, Archeologist

Personality: Intellectual, Analytical, Experimental, Introverted, Courteous, Uncertain, Decisive, Lawful, Keen, Professional

Companions: Catlu, Lulu

Enemies: None

Background: Jasita was identified at a young age as a promising student for the Citadel. She left behind her historian parents in the capital city Elete’si and ventured to the great spires and school of the Citadel in the tundra. A quick learner, Jasita always exceeded in class, especially when learning enchantment magic. But navigating social complexities was much more difficult for her.

Quest: Jasita’s goal is to be a researcher of elven history. An opportunity comes to her in the form of the dark elf healer, Taliesin. But Jasita finds herself torn between her duties as a researcher, and her new feelings of friendship.


Demographics: 33 years old, human?, male, pansexual

Build: 6’0, tall and broad

Home: Sunspire; the Iron Gauntlet

Profession: Soldier, Solchen

Personality: Sarcastic, Grumpy, Blunt, Loyal, Disciplined, Adaptable, Non-Judgmental, Relaxed, Confident, Objective

Companions: Shulva

Enemies: Aust Mastralath

Background: Wash was raised in Sunspire by a single mother. He joined the city’s military forces, becoming a Solchen that protected the borders. Wash’s brother-in-arms was a high elf named Aust. But when Aust joined a cult, he betrayed and abandoned Wash.  

Quest: Wash is determined to learn the truth behind Aust’s betrayal, as well as clear himself of any implications of criminal activity from that encounter.