Lore Drop: The Citadel

As readers will know, in book four of Thread of Souls our characters travel to the Citadel. In anticipation for the publication of the book on December 15th, we’d love to share some lore about this new location!

  • The Citadel is technically considered its own territory within Corventos. Its land stretches from the Arcane Fangs on the west, all the way to Viscera’s Bay on the east. While it is much smaller compared to other territories, it is incredibly powerful.
  • The mages of the Citadel practice cystalmancy. The draw upon the power of crystals such as quartz and amethyst to channel their magic. This makes their magic more of a science compared to clerics that draw their power from a divine source.
  • The Magister is the prime deity worshipped at the Citadel. Known also as Naboris, he is credited with giving mortals the knowledge of magic and is depicted holding a “spark” of magic.
  • The Citadel consists of three spires. The Dominicore Spire where decisions are made, the Inquisicore Spire dealing with research, and the Intellicore Spire for the university.
  • Viscera Dante founded the Citadel. Leadership after her has included Aviana Zebell a wild elf, Pava Dante who was Viscera’s daughter, Hallistair Dante who was Pava’s son, the dwarf Karduun Whitetree, and presently Leliana Dante herself.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview lore drop! Look for Thread of Souls: Asunder on December 15th!

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