Lore Drop: the Queen’s Revenge Plague

This lore drop will feature a plague known as the Queen’s Revenge. This took place in An’Ock, the capital of the Korventine Empire, during the year 848 ADS.

The Queen that the plague is named after is Queen Olive Winslow. She was married to King Fletcher, who inherited the throne from his aunt. Their reign lasted thirty years. They were not well-liked by the populace. More concerned with parties and pleasures than caring for the common folk’s needs, they often left the city to escape the angry crowds.

After one of these trips, Queen Olive returned carrying a plague with her. She succumbed to it, as did many in the city due to her husband’s inability to implement measures of control. The common folk began to call the plague the “Queen’s Revenge”, because it was still killing people even after her death.

King Fletcher became more and more unpopular as the sickness raged on. Two years after the plague began, the year 850 ADS, was the last year of Fletcher’s life. A resistance group had formed to stop the abuse of power by the king. One of its members was a gnome-human woman by the name of Delilah Holloway. Wearing a plague mask, she snuck into the castle at night and slit King Fletcher’s throat. She turned herself in and was executed, but to the public she was a martyr and freedom fighter.

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Things could have quickly fell apart in An’Ock after that. But Delilah and Fletcher had a son named Nicholson. He took power with his wife, Queen Camila. They got the plague under control and restored peace to the city. They were well-loved by the public, and continued on the Winslow line. Centuries later, the royal line recognized Delilah Holloway for stopping a horrible king, and a statue was built in her honor.

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