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Thread of Souls Holiday Cards

Merry Winter’s Eve to all! To celebrate the holiday season, we are sharing some Thread of Souls holiday cards drawn by co-author Ashley Roepel. Enjoy these cards and feel free to share around to your favorite fantasy fans for the holidays!

The first is a scene of the Arcane Fangs. This jagged mountain range divides the Citadel’s territory from the rest of Corventos.

The second is Ruuda Drybarrel! Our favorite Dark Dwarf is carrying her signature barrel on her shoulder.

The third is Taliesin Ostoroth, the rebellious Dark Elf. The Deep Hollows don’t get snow, so this is a new experience for him!

The fourth is a scene from inside the Citadel, a new location promised in book four of the Thread of Souls series that releases next year! Here we see mage Jasita from Phantom Five and Ash & Thunder.

And finally in the spirit of friendship and caring we have Taliesin and Ruuda exchanging gifts for one another!

We hope you enjoyed these holiday cards! Merry Winter’s Eve!