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Black History Month Character Feature

Happy February, all! In honor of Black History Month, we are featuring certain characters from the Thread of Souls books.

King Vicrum Grodstrum

Dwarven King Vicrum Grodstrum was ruler over De Behl Marr during the Age of Dragons. He was elected to lead the city of Solia for the great Day of Sealing trap. Vicrum was a key character for the plot in Phantom Five, and played a critical role in Ash & Thunder, as well.


The amiable and roguish Draxis is hiding a great secret. He is one of the last dragons left on the Material Plane. When venturing outside of his home, he takes on the guise of a bald Human adorned in gold. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, Draxis is now considered a close ally to our heroes.


Lizbeth is an acolyte of the temple of the Holy Dragon. This soft-spoken adolescent is happy to serve her god and looks up to the elderly High Priest. During the events of Path of the Spiders, Lizbeth answered Zok’s questions about the changes to An’Ock.

Captain Desmond

Desmond is captain of the castle guard in the great city of An’Ock. He was present during the Doppelgänger Crisis that gripped the city, and served as a key point of knowledge during Artemis’ investigations during the events of Ash & Thunder.

Captain Abell

Abell is a very different type of captain, but no less revered. He is captain of the ship the Fist that makes port in Vonkai and travels the waters of the Bay of Thieves. Abell was hired by our heroes to travel from Vonkai to Oceala, and protected them from a vicious attack by dangerous Druids.

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