International Women’s Day Character Feature

For International Women’s Day, we are featuring female characters from the world of Thread of Souls, along with art drawn by co-author Ashley! It has always been important to us to bring a world to the table and the books that feels real, diverse, and with characters that have depth. This is a fun opportunity for us to showcase some of these fictional women.

Jade Moontide / Galanodel

Jade is a primary character in Thread of Souls and someone we have followed since the earliest chapters. She is a Druid, a lover of nature, a pragmatic realist, and an insightful observer. As a Wild Elf of 406 years of age, she is driven by her desire to protect her home city from destruction by a great red dragon.


The Thread of Souls series opened up with a chapter from Unolé’s POV. This Half-Fiend grew up an orphan and lived on the streets with her little sister. After being taken in by the Shadow Guild, she made a living on theft contracts of valuable items. She is very urban, having lived in the empire’s capital city her whole life. She is materialistic and lying comes easily, but she also has a kind heart that protects her friends at all costs.

Ruuda Drybarrel

Ruuda is a Dark Dwarf that is considered a failure in her culture’s caste system. She never received a Blessing from her god, and so left her home to seek vengeance. She is a dual-wielding warrior as strong as she is fast and agile. When she left home, she was uncertain of herself and had low self-esteem. But across the first three books in the series, she has grown more confident with each monster she vanquishes and challenge she overcomes.

Jasita Yolarin

Jasita is a High Elf mage that currently works as a researcher for the prestigious Citadel. She has a talent for enchantment magic, and spends most of her evenings with a pile of nonfictional books. She is reserved and prefers to keep to herself and pursue her Citadel career. Keenly intelligent with a sharp memory, Jasita always keeps to the rules and takes no shortcuts.

Andraste Ostoroth

Andraste has aspirations of priestesshood, the highest leadership position in her home city Berenzia. Driven on by her mother in this ambition, she is heavily involved in politics. She is also a formidable demon summoner and spellcaster. She has dry humor and a cunning mind. While she can be quite amiable, her choice of career brings out the more ruthless side of her.

Viscera Dante

Viscera is a historical figure of legendary status. She led the strategy that rid Corventos of dragons and ushered in peace. She founded the Citadel and was instrumental in planar research and warding. Her descendent, Leliana Dante, currently leads the Citadel.


Elisi, also known as the Grandmother, is the leader of the Shadow Guild. This underground criminal organization resides in the empire’s capital city. Elisi has weaved a web of contacts, favors, and blackmail, making her very feared and very respected.


Lizbeth is an acolyte for the temple of the Holy Dragon. She reveres her mentors and graciously helps all those who enter the temple. She is soft-spoken and kind. Despite only being an adolescent, the temple’s High Priest sees a bright future ahead for her.

Maiathah Xanphia

High Priestess Maiathah Xanphia leads the city of Berenzia with an iron fist. Only the most foolish cross her, and she has left a trail of blood and death on her ascendency to power. Serving a malevolent goddess, Maiathah carries out her wishes to further the cult.


Quinn is a Venator, an elite warrior that protects Citadel mages in the field. She wields a heavy greatsword and speaks little. In Path of the Spiders, we were introduced to Quinn helping to hunt down the fugitive Wash.

We hope you enjoyed this entry for International Women’s Day! Please share your favorite female fictional characters!

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