Thread of Souls – Adventure Awaits for January 2023

Happy 2023 everyone! It’s the start of the new year and we here at Thread of Souls are thrilled to take you on new and exciting ventures. Talia and I have been discussing our expectations and goals for the year ahead and there is so much we’re working to bring you. Zip up your explorer’s pack, grab your adventure food, and let’s hit the open road together! Here’s what’s happening in January and how you can join our adventuring party.


Our largest expedition is taking us on a journey into unknown territories. We started live streaming on Twitch! You’ll find us playing video games related to Thread of Souls in one form or another. Here’s what we are playing and why you should join along!

  • Elder Scrolls Online and Elden Ring for epic adventure and storytelling.
  • WWE sees our book characters come to life in the squared circle. Also excellent storytelling.
  • The Witcher is an open world full of dynamic characters, strange and horrific creatures, and grand tales.
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister and Pillars of Eternity II for fully customized TTRPG party play.
An adventure to catch a cat


We started a Patreon! It is just the two of us doing all of this. Your support means so much to us as indie creators. We create all the videos, art, books, blogs, merch, stories, and so much more for Thread of Souls. Supporting us through either Patreon or donations allows us to continue to create moving characters, dynamic stories, and entertaining content.

You should join our adventuring party, for many thrilling quests and travel await!


Donate to Support Two Indie Authors

It is just the two of us working hard to bring you fun, laughter, and moving stories! We appreciate your donation in support of independent creators! Danaerys says “Meow, thank you!”



You can get your hands on some new merch later this month. We are creating a Thread of Souls Corventos map blanket! Snuggle up with this blanket and a copy of Thread of Souls.

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Thread of Souls is getting an official soundtrack! The first compilation includes 14 tracks made by composer Sean Gartner. You will find the soundtrack most anywhere you can listen to music online. For those who want to hear tracks ahead of its release, join us and adventure on Twitch!