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The known Planes play an integral role in the Thread of Souls stories. From the in-between “white world” Teshuva and Unolé venture to, to the undeath-filled Gloomdwell of Path of the Spiders, there are many diverse locations to explore.

The history of Corventos is built heavily on interplanar fears. Ever since the Day of Sealing, when dragons were sealed away into other planes, planar travel has been deemed illegal. The Citadel closely guards its own research and discoveries about what else is out there beyond the Material Plane.

The Material Plane

This is the plane in which Corventos is. It is called such because of the mortals that live there, as well as the more material state of objects and beings. It was a thriving place for the gods before they left, and was a primary battleground for the Divine Wars.

The Hells

It is not known why the Hells is referred to in a plural sense. Perhaps this plane is unending, perhaps there are many versions of the Hells, or perhaps there are multiple circles of it. This plane is the prison to the deity known as the Hoofed King, although he considers it his home and thrives there. His creatures are the devils that live in the Hells. This plane was visited twice in the books so far. Once in Phantom Five, and once in Ash & Thunder. Devils take on a variety of forms, but any mortals venture into the Hells to make deals, or they are sold as slaves.

The Gloomdwell

The Gloomdwell was a starring location during the events of Path of the Spiders. This is the plane of undeath, where bodies rarely stay at rest. Lady Raven’s Sable Mausoleum is also located somewhere on this plane. The third book in the series saw Unolé, Wash, Ruuda, and Taliesin finding a way to escape the Gloomwell and return to the Material Plane.


The Chasm

Deep within the wastelands of the Gloomdwell lies an entrance into another plane of existence: the Chasm. The home of demons. It is also the prison of the goddess Aranese. It is a terrible place filled with violence, torture, and the monstrous races of demons.

The Wilds

We know very little about the Wilds so far. We know it is a plane of fey creatures and rugged wilderness. During the Second Age the city of Eleste’si traveled back and forth between the Wilds and the Material Plane before the Citadel put a stop to it. In so doing, they trapped part of Eleste’si and its denizens forever within the Wilds.

The Elemental Planes

It is known that there are planes of pure elemental magic that exist, though they have not been visited in the books. These planes were created and refined by the Blight Dragon herself, turning them into chaos.

The Celestial Plane

This is the plane of most of the benevolent deities. While some are scattered across other planes, the majority of them live here. It is said to be a beautiful and peaceful place.

The Spirit Plane

This is more of an in-between rather than an actual plane of existence. It is a realm of passing spirits, ghosts, and those that are teleporting to a different location. Those that travel through it often see themselves in a foggy, unclear version of their own world.

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