Join our adventuring party on Twitch – Fantasy gaming, roleplay, behind the scenes chats, and creating as a couple

We are branching out in 2023. Along with playing our weekly TTRPG campaign, turning it into a fantasy book series, and building a community, we started a Twitch. As the head of video, Dorian has been wanting to stream for many years and with the cards of life falling as they did, he finally got to this year. Let’s talk about what you’ll find on our Twitch, why we started it, and how it stands out from other creators.

Why start streaming and why now?

We starting streaming this year after being laid off. The past few years we’ve never found the time to stream while having full time jobs and working on Thread of Souls. There’s the saying of “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”. While true, not everyone has the same schedule or time within that frame to do what they want. Tis a silly saying and we’re not fans. Now, that we’re free of the corporate monster, we are working for ourselves and can devote as much time to projects as we desire. This led to the discussion of streaming.

We’ve both been gamers our entire lives. From the moment we could pick up a controller and play, we were playing video games. Dorian had a YouTube channel growing up but adult priorities got in the way. Now that we’re older and wiser, we are taking control of our lives and doing what we want. We aren’t passionate about streaming, we’re passionate about telling and playing stories with each other and the community.

What you’ll find on our Twitch

For those who catch our streams, you’ll be entertained by us; a creative couple looking to make it on our own. We stream a few times a week, mainly Tuesday nights, and will pop up randomly throughout the week as we please. You’ll find entertaining stories about our lives as authors, TTRPG creators, artists, and how we make our TTRPG campaign into a book series. Stick around for the following:

  • Cats – Plenty of them. We have two fur babies Gamora and Danaerys who will show up time and again to say meow. Especially Gamora.
  • Games – Elder Scrolls Online, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, tabletop gaming, any fantasy game you can play together
  • Behind the Scenes – How we turn our TTRPG into a book series. It’s unique and we’re one of very few who does it.
  • Creative Couple – We’re a hubby and wifey creative team. We stream and play games together. It is just us two bringing you entertaining stories, dynamic characters, comedy, and spreading happiness.
  • TTRPG Roleplay – When we play video games, we will sometimes roleplay as the character we’re playing as. We’ll speak, act, and behave like they do in the books and in our tabletop game.

What makes us unique?

Streaming is something millions of people do. We’re just two fish in a massive ocean of creators. We aren’t setting out to be the next best thing, we’re here to make you laugh, tell moving stories, and build a community of those who love fantasy, gaming, roleplaying games, and TTRPGs. We do more than just play video games and tabletop games. You’ll get a look into our lives, meet out cats, see our creativity come alive as we draw, roleplay, write, and create Thread of Souls.

Join our Adventuring Party

We invite you to join our adventuring party! Not just on Twitch but everything we create for Thread of Souls. Subscribe to our website, follow us on Twitch and YouTube, as well as our socials. You can even join us on DeviantArt and have us draw art you suggest.