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Thread of Souls Lore Feature- Who is the Holy Dragon?

The Holy Dragon, also known as Halathras, is one of Thread of Souls‘ dragon gods. As one of the Protector Gods, they are worshipped by those who follow honor, loyalty, and truth. They are commonly depicted as a large gold or platinum dragon who resides within a section of the Celestial Plane called the The Platinum Halls.

Significance in the world

The Holy Dragon, along with Iosis the Blight Dragon, created the first dragons in the world of Theretos. Through their creation, the dragons molded and shaped the land. During the Divine Wars, the time period where the gods fought one another on the Material Plane, the Holy Dragon battled the Blight Dragon on the Elemental Planes. Dragons took sides during the fight and in the end Halathras defeated Iosis.

After the Divine Wars came the construction of the Gate of the Gods. This barrier prevented gods from returning to the Material Plane, though they could still aid their followers through as needed. Halathras watches from their seat in The Platinum Halls, granting boons and powers to those who worship him.

Who follows the Holy Dragon?

The Holy Dragon is followed by valiant warriors, healers, paladins, and leaders. Those who worship the great platinum dragon agree to follow a creed to put all other before themselves. Paladins take up the following oath.

I devote my life to follow you, Holy Dragon.
In your example I will be honest, and keep my word in all
I will protect others as though their life is greater than
I will show mercy to my foes, but punish those who do
I will obey those with just authority.
I will answer for my actions and ask forgiveness for any
wrong I have done.
And in all things I will be honorable.
May you guide my steps and my voice, so I may always
serve you justly.”

Thread of Souls Phantom Five

What is the Holy Dragon’s symbol?

The Holy Dragon’s symbol is a golden eye. Warriors and paladins carry a shield or armor depicting the eye while clerics and healers wear robes of white and gold.

Thread of Souls book depictions

Excerpts from Thread of Souls

Zok spun his hammer, taking out his shield that
was emblazoned with the golden eye of the Holy Dragon.
He readied his stance. “Round two.”’

Thread of Souls Phantom Five

He supposed he’d always been drawn to the things the Holy
Dragon valued. Kindness, honor, loyalty, honesty. Doing
good to others and helping out whenever one could. He
was in his early twenties when he swore his oath to the
Holy Dragon and became a paladin. And he felt his life
was fuller because of it.”

Thread of Souls Phantom Five

The Temple of the Holy Dragon was beautiful.
Settled on the coast, its gardens were immaculate and it
rose three stories tall, all white and gold. Stained glass
windows of blue reflected the sun.”

Thread of Souls Ash & Thunder

Thread of Souls

Thread of Souls – Asunder Launch

Awwwww fantasy fans! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your five-star rated indie authors, and feeeeel… the powaaaaaah! It’s a great day, yes it is! Asunder is here! The fourth book in the Thread of Souls fantasy series is out for your reading enjoyment. We’ve put a lot of work into this entry and can’t wait to see what you all think of it.

You can purchase the book here. We really appreciate all your support. We are two married indie authors who have a passion for fantasy, tabletop roleplaying games, and writing. We hope our book series can inspire others to create as well.

We’ve spent the year writing and editing Asunder and are so thrilled it’s out in the world. From playing it at the table in 2019, we have been waiting to reveal what happened four years ago. There are some great memories in these pages and we love getting to bring them to life again in a new written format. Playing with friends and each other around a table is great, and seeing it all come together is an even greater feeling.

Asunder is packed full of lore, great moments, and emotion. It’s a book we fondly remember with moments we’ll never forget. We hope you enjoy Thread of Souls IV: Asunder and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

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Thread of Souls – December 2022 News!

It’s certainly been a crazy December for us here at Thread of Souls. Among us being super ill over Thanksgiving, being laid off, and moving, we managed to get through a lot and we’re here to share it all!

Thread of Souls Book IV: Asunder

Asunder is here! The fourth book in the Thread of Souls series was a complete wonder to work on. We remember playing through it vividly in our home TTRPG game and loved bringing each and every seen to life on pages. A lot of memories were formed when playing it at the table and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Asunder Trailer

Dorian has been hard at work with the trailer for Asunder. Using Talia’s amazing art, the official trailer was launched on December 7. You can check it out below.

New Music

Our composer friend, Sean, continues to supply us with fantastical music for Thread of Souls. The latest tracks are titled Jade’s Theme, Into the Gloomdwell, and Fate. While we’re keeping two secret for now, Fate can be heard in the trailer. It’s simply amazing.

Thread of Souls Merchandise

You want a T-shirt or phone case? Perhaps a pillow or nifty hat? Well, we’ve got the merch for you! Check out our new line of merchandise on Redbubble.

Updated Logo

A small yet big update for us is our logo. Our logo is now black and white. For the first eight books, it will include The Spider Octology but that will change with future storylines.

Thread of Souls

Revised and Updated Thread of Souls Books

Authors know all about change. Characters grow and develop over the span of the story. Heroes rise from nobodies, villains are defeated, or have a change of heart. Books take you on a journey of discovery. In our quest, we discovered Thread of Souls, too was changing. That brings us to our big announcement.

Thread of Souls is evolving! The series has brand new covers for books one, two, and three. Gaze upon them in awestruck wonder below!

Purchase Revised Covers

We worked with fantastic cover designer Vivien Reis and we are thrilled to continue partnering with her.

Future Books

Asunder is the next book to get a cover treatment. The art is being created as we type. We are excited to reveal the cover when it is available.

Magic supplies including a leather bound book, a box full of herbs, and flowers
Bardic Inspiration, Thread of Souls

Bardic Inspiration: Sounds of a Magical Academy

You sit at a desk in a dimly lit classroom. The windows are covered by large tapestries depicting the various studies of the arcane: divination, protection, defense, potions, and the like. The smell of old tomes, incense, and ink fills the space.”

Suddenly, the tapestries snap open bringing harsh sunlight in the room. Other students shield their eyes at the change of scenery. A burst of magic erupts from the doorway and in strides the teacher. They wear a robe of pink with blue sigils and a matching pointed hat that hangs slightly askew. “Welcome to Magical Studies I, I am your professor. Turn to page 157 and we shall begin with how to summon a simple light spell.”

Magical academies, such as the Citadel in Thread of Souls, are all the rage in fantasy, right? As authors, we love sensory details but what does it sound like within an academy? Music is a great way to get ideas and inspiration. Imagine the above scene with the following tracks playing in the background.

Magical and mysterious is Eothas. It’s soft and soothing and is great for lore drops and providing details about locations, people, and items. At the Citadel, it’s a wonderful backdrop for sweeping shots detailing the school and its three spires of law, study, and research.

The Crystal’s Shimmer and the Wind’s Revelations is a mesmerizing track for showcasing wonderful magic. It’s light and full of wonder. A great backdrop for the crystalmancers of the Citadel as they learn and teach about the eight disciplines of magic.

How May I Serve You? is an eerie discordant track for untrusting moments. Magical academies are full of many interesting people and not all of them are to be trusted. Each and every person has their own agenda. The Citadel is home to powerful mages, without giving any spoilers, not all of them are as they seem.

Bonus Dragon Prince song. I See You pairs nicely with How May I Serve You?

Mages are scholarly and Cyrus, the Scholar fits nicely for a library.

Alabastra is for those moments when the students explore the restricted section. It’s way more fun to venture into an unauthorized zone. Forbidden is just an invitation for curious mages.

Learn all about the Citadel in Thread of Souls.

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Book IV – Asunder Excerpt

We are drawing closer and closer to the publication date of Asunder, the fourth book in the Thread of Souls octology! Not long ago we shared an excerpt from the upcoming book. Since this week we sent the early book off to our ARC readers, we thought a wonderful way to celebrate would be to share another portion of Asunder! Enjoy !

“What is this?” the paladin asked. 

“One of the Artifact Vaults,” she answered. “Your friends’ belongings have been stored here for the time being. I’ve been able to advocate on your behalf and ensure you can keep your armor. But that blade you carry is interplanar. It must be put here.”

Zok gasped, taking a few steps back. “My Sunsword? But . . . I need it.”

Vera regarded him for a long moment, her expression inscrutable. Then she slowly paced, her arms wrapped over one another. “Do you know the history of the sword you carry?”

“History? I found it in a demi-plane. It was created to slay vampires.”

“Did you know there have been a small handful of such weapons throughout known history?”

Zok hesitated. “ . . . No, I did not.”

“They’ve been known to be weapons of holy warriors,” Vera continued as she paced. Her steps echoed in the room around them. “Extremely powerful and used to take down only the most dangerous of foes. Wyrmrider Renna might be a name familiar to you.” 

“A hero during the Age of Dragons.” He inclined his head. “She served the Holy Dragon and battled the Blight Dragon’s cultists. I heard of her in my studies at the temple.”

“Our records at the Citadel suggests she used one such weapon. A spear of sunlight to battle the darkness of the Blight Dragon.” 

Zok glanced down at the ornate hilt of his sword that hung from his belt. “I am uncertain if what you are telling me is meant to make me want to part with my sword.”

Vera stopped her movement and stared up at him. “I am trying to impress on you the importance of what you carry. Just because you found one that had been transported to a demi-plane does not make it any less significant. We handle all such artifacts with respect and care at the Citadel. I expect you to show the same respect to your sword and not simply carry it for show around a town of civilians.” 

“It is not for show. It is for self-defense.”

“You are in no danger here, you do not need your weapon.”

He shook his head adamantly. “I cannot give it up. It means a great deal to me.”

Vera’s tone was even and unyielding. “You are not giving it up. But until questions can be answered about where you obtained it, it must remain here. Your cooperation will go far in getting it returned to you.”

“On whose authority? Dorian Aster’s?”

“No. The Council of Nine.”

Zok paused, then asked, “Who is that?”

“The Council of Nine consists of each leader of the eight disciplines of the arcane. It also includes the Magistrate, leader of the entire Citadel. Currently, that is Leliana Dante. After the mages of the Inquisicore Spire get the answers needed about you and your friends, you all will be brought before the Council of Nine. There you will have a chance to tell your side of the story to the most powerful people of the Citadel, some of the most influential leaders in all of Corventos. A judgment will then be rendered.”

Zok felt like the room spun around him. The enormity of the situation weighed heavily. He felt so small compared to the mechanisms at work here. He couldn’t even win over the respect of his mother, queen of Eleste’si. How could he do so with these powerful mages?

And so, he surrendered his Sunsword.

Asunder will be published on December 15th via Amazon and other places books are sold at those store’s leisures. We can’t wait to share this exciting installment with all of you!

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Bardic Inspiration: Sounds of Lady Raven

Death, healing, and natural order. The dogma of Lady Raven, Goddess of Death in Thread of Souls. She is featured heavily in the Spider Octology, our eight-book fantasy series, and is one of the many included Protector gods in our world.

Often depicted as a dark hooded and winged figure. She guards those that pass on and is actively opposed to necromancy, murder, and the perversion of death. Her Deathwalkers are an order of warriors that fight against the necromantic arts.

This Bardic Inspiration focuses on her. We chose music tracks that invoke a sense of mystery, darkness, the unknown, and themes of life and death.

The Sea of Ghosts

As the Goddess of Death, she ferries souls after they pass. Souls that do not cling to any god are welcome to stay with her in her realm of the Sable Mausoleum. Sea of Ghosts is a reverential track that brings to mind lingering souls, whether trapped or free to explore.

Reverie of the Netchimen

A lighter more free-feeling track perfect for a cleric or worshipper of Lady Raven. The cycle of life and death is one everyone experiences and this is a great fit for exploring the traversal between one and the other.

Mists of Morthal

Mists of Morthal plays when visiting sacred or hallowed ground related to Lady Raven. Whether it’s a temple devoted to her or a cemetery honoring the dead. It ebbs and flows between dark and moody to harmonious and soothing.

A Cold Wind Blows from Atmora

Soothing strings and a choir bring to mind peaceful moments. Life and death can bring peace and while having the title of Goddess of Death sounds sinister, it’s one of respect and hope. She doesn’t seek to reap souls, but rather help them find solace in the afterlife.

You’d think we have a massive crush on Elder Scrolls Online, and you’d be right. Its soundtrack is vast and these are just a few examples of songs fit for Lady Raven, Goddess of Death.

Here is our Lady Raven playlist you can use for your game.

Bardic Inspiration, Thread of Souls

Bardic Inspiration: Sounds of Eleste’si

Music is inspirational. As authors, we are always writing and creating while listening to music. We are inspired by several soundtracks when we write Thread of Souls and have many posts on how can enhance your writing and ttrpg games.

Today’s musical interlude focuses on the high-elven city of Eleste’si. A stunning location full of beautiful architecture, cherry blossom trees, and rich history. It’s one of the earliest settlements to exist in the world of Theretos and its music reflects that. Here are a few choices from our Eleste’si playlist great for exploring high elf culture.

Dawn at Castle Navire

We pull inspiration from song titles and tracks themselves. Dawn at Castle Navire is great for an introduction to the royalty of Eleste’si. The city is ruled by Queen Mirandril and has been for many generations.

Golden Height

Fit for wandering the city streets throughout the day. Eleste’si is busy with trade and merchants set up their stalls early each morning to sell their wares. It’s a peaceful track for sitting on the many benches throughout the city and watching the cherry blossoms blow in the wind.

Festival of Roses

Eleste’si is known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees. They line walkways and parks and make for a picturesque backdrop. There is a festival devoted to the cherry blossom as well.

Val Royeaux

A short piece meant for a grand ballroom dance. Of which Eleste’si holds several throughout the year.

The Council of Elrond

The Council of Elrond just all around feels so peaceful. It’s a powerful track fit for showing off high elf culture, royalty, and even ancient ruins. This type of music is constantly playing throughout the palace gardens and grounds where you’ll find the great libraries and castle.

You can explore the high-elven city of Eleste’si with Taliesin and Ruuda in Thread of Souls: Phantom Five.

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International Beer Day and the Drybarrel Clan

Happy International Beer Day one and all! It’s not for everyone but it is what Ruuda Drybarrel’s family bases their entire livelihood on. The dwarven clan built a brewery next to their house and spends hour after hour creating beer. Whether it’s an IPA, lager, stout, ale, root beer, or another concoction, they are dedicated to perfecting each and every bottle.

The clan of 14 was blessed by the deity Thruumdar to brew beer. Ruuda, however, was not so lucky. When it came time for her blessing, she failed at everything. She couldn’t seem to do anything right and her family said each bottle of beer she made turned out wrong.

She failed at the whole process. From milling grain, pulling yeast from fruit skins, lautering, properly boiling the brew, fermenting the brew, and creating kegs and glass bottles. Her parents said each brew was poor quality.

In Thread of Souls: Phantom Five, Ruuda is forced to leave her home as she’s earned a sizeable debt to other clans figuring out her blessing. She carries with her a keg on her back full of supplies and her homemade brew. Her family may not like it but she finds it drinkable. As do many others along her journey.

Taliesin said, “Ruuda, right now I could really use one of your beers.” “Really?” Ruuda gasped. She untied her barrel from her back and quickly rummaged through, pulling out a bottle.

At first she only grabbed two cups, but when Unolé and Wash held out their hands, she grabbed another two and sat them out. She poured the beer into each one and dispensed them.

Taliesin took a long drink and she watched him carefully. When he sat the cup down, she asked, “How is it?”

He grinned. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.”

There’s a lot that goes into writing a novel. We researched how beer is made so we’d understand the process and could explain it in Thread of Souls. We both grew up not liking the drink and to this day it’s still not our favorite thing. However, it runs in the family.

Dorian’s father is a homebrewer so we know firsthand what it takes to brew a bottle. The smell is horrendous but the process can be enjoyable, especially to watch. There was one time the kitchen nearly burned down in the middle of brewing. From then on, father Ravenwood was forced to brew outside.

At home, the process was a one-man band. In Thread of Souls, it’s every Drybarrel on deck. Each clan member has a job to do and it’s all managed by Ruuda’s father Angrem and mother Sadiq.

So, the next time you grab a pint of beer or root beer. Give a cheer to the Drybarrel Clan. They’ll toast your success as well. Drink responsibly, friends!

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Sneak Peek of Book IV: Asunder

The release of Asunder, the fourth book in the Thread of Souls octology, is only half a year away! We want to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming book. While this is still in-progress, we are excited to share this bit from the world of Thread of Souls!

If any of the other mages of the Inquisicore Spire’s fourth floor had peeked into the office of Jasita Yolarin, they would have thought a blizzard hit it. Papers whisked across a large curved desk, files flew from drawers, inkpots and quills hovered in the air, and inanimate objects moved about as if alive. In the center of it all stood a frazzled high elf woman with her ponytail askew. One hand flipped through pages brought before her while the other continued to make gestures of spells. Lounging on a sunlit windowsill, an orange and white cat regarded her passively. 

“Get me the records from the Vesper guard tower!” Jasita commanded, barely looking up from her review of a folder. 

In response, a ribbon rolled across the desk of its own accord, wrapped around the corner of a rolled-up parchment, and handed it up to the mage. 

“Write down today’s date and the hour,” she commanded a hovering journal. “Two hours ago a message was sent from the Crystal Rail to the Council of Nine by Magister Dorian Aster. He is bringing in prisoners from the Korventine Empire. And twenty minutes ago, the Magistrate herself, Leliana Dante, asked me to report to her. And I-”

She broke off as a brass hourglass shuffled across the desk toward her, its pink sand within nearly spent. 

Her panic renewed, Jasita quickly straightened her robes and ponytail. She scooped up a stack of documents that had the names Taliesin Ostoroth and Ruuda Drybarrel written all over them.  She then glanced across at the hovering journal. 

“Lulu, ensure this office is clean by the time I return,” she stated. After the journal inclined itself in understanding, she turned towards the cat. “Catlu, lock the door behind me.”

The cat flicked her tail. 

With one smooth step Jasita exited her office in a composed and quiet state. Even though she shut the door softly behind her, the noise still echoed in the otherwise silent and still hall lined with five other doors and a stairwell entrance. 

She strode into the stairwell and to an alcove with a teleportation circle etched on the ground. It glowed a slight purple. She made the gestures of the spell and whispered the arcane words before she was smoothly transported. The room around her did not change, but when she stepped out of the stairwell she was no longer on the fourth floor. 

A busy clerical area greeted her. Shelves lined the walls and ran down the length of the room like stripes. It was a bustling space filled with the noise of shuffling papers and the smell of sterilization. The staff here didn’t spare her a glance as she crossed the large space and over to the singular door that connected the Inquisicore Spire to the taller and wider Dominicore Spire. 

Leaving behind the strict and tidy clerical room, she transitioned into a lounge area just inside of the Dominicore Spire’s lobby. This was for employees of the Citadel only, not visitors or students. Currently, two mages rested on fine purple sofas and read books. They all ignored one another as Jasita crossed the room. The Citadel employed tens of thousands of people. Not everyone worked on-site at the three towers or within the city of Cita, but the building was still constantly busy with professionals extremely serious about their work. Many studied and worked for years to get a chance to join the Citadel. And some, like her, were identified at a young age, graduated from the university within the Intellicore Spire, and then hired into a position based on talent and interest. 

Jasita exited the lounge and into an inner chamber. It was a corridor that wrapped around the stairwell in a circle, with a handful of doors branching off of it. She could barely hear murmured conversations from the lobby. 

Stepping into this next stairwell, this time the high elf paused before casting the incantation. She’d only ever spoken to Leliana Dante a few times in her entire 325 years of life. She was there when Leliana stepped into the Magistrate role, replacing the retiring dwarven Magistrate Karduun Whitetree. Coming from a long line of leaders, Leliana was a woman to be feared and respected. It made Jasita’s failure sting all the worse. 

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Jasita gestured out the spell and felt her body whisked up. From the bottom of the spire to the very top, the thirtieth floor. Reformed, Jasita stepped out of the purple stairwell and into the brightly sunlit top floor. She was faced with a long corridor that ran the length of the floor, ending in walls of tall windows. There was a restrained beauty to the designs here. Purple marble with brass decor and accents. It was all very expensive and well-crafted, but with control that reflected the seriousness of the area. There were only two doors. On one side was the meeting chamber of the Council of Nine. On the other was the Magistrate’s office. A singular statue decorated the otherwise empty corridor. A seven-foot-tall depiction of the Magister, Naboris, the god of magic. He wore hooded robes and held a purple spark in his hand. A symbol of his gift of magic to the world. 

Jasita paused at a tall mirror to ensure she looked proper enough to speak to Leliana. Her traditional pink robes with blue arcane sigils were pressed and neatly tucked. Shorter strands of hair that couldn’t tie back into her ponytail framed her fair and angular elvish face. Her aqua eyes were calculating, taking in each detail with precision and a keen memory. 

Taking another deep, steadying breath, Jasita stepped up to Leliana’s white wood door and knocked. 

“Enter, Yolarin,” came a measured voice from the other side.

Jasita entered a large semi-circular office. The back wall was entirely windows, allowing in a sweeping view over the Pale Timberlands, the Magister’s Cliffs, and the deep blue of Viscera’s Bay beyond. A gentle snowfall coated everything in white. To one side of the room was a pristine seating area and a crackling fireplace. To the other were multiple bookshelves and a small desk stacked with tomes and scrolls. Directly across from her was a large desk made of birch wood. Behind parchments and books and marble statuettes sat Leliana Dante herself. 

She was a few hundred years older than Jasita, with a strong jawline and sharp cheekbones. She had the same purple hair that her ancestor, Viscera Dante, was known for. It was shaved short on one side, bangs on the other side framing her face in layers. The rest was quite long and braided behind her. Her pink and blue robes were crafted of the finest materials and neatly pressed. Sharp and narrow purple eyes regarded Jasita with full attention. 

“Yolarin, thank you for coming so promptly,” Leliana said. 

Jasita stepped up to the desk, clutching onto her folders. “Of course.”

“It seems Dorian Aster has inadvertently tracked down your two fugitives. With the help of Vera Udanta, I’m told.”

“I am surprised they were in the Korventine Empire. That is a great distance from where I  . . . lost them.”

Leliana held out her hand and Jasita quickly passed over the folders to her. All her notes and records regarding the two prisoners she’d apprehended north of Vesper. The dark elf and dark dwarf. Taliesin Ostoroth and Ruuda Drybarrel. In her custody for two weeks before they escaped during a rest stop. 

As she looked over the papers, Leliana said, “They were found in An’Ock. A bold place for two of their race to be hiding. They were traveling with a criminal Dorian has been hunting for some time, a Sunspirian man that summons a fey creature. A lucky bit of coincidence, it seems.”

“ . . . Yes.”

The rhythmic noises of flipping parchment were nearly drowned out by Jasita’s own pounding heart. 

Without looking up, Leliana asked, “Do you know why they would go to An’Ock? Did they give any reason during the time you had them in your custody?”

“ . . . No. They would not divulge their destination or purpose.”

This time Leliana’s eyes did look up at her. “And you weren’t able to get anything from their minds?”

Jasita hesitated. “I . . . thought it best to wait until we arrived at the Citadel for that type of interrogation.”

“Hm.” She closed the reports and slid the papers back towards the blonde woman. “I don’t have to impress on you how valuable these prisoners are. Ever since the Elven Exodus, we have lost contact with the dark elves. And it has been over a millennium since the Dark Dwarven Clan has interacted with anyone on this surface world, much less the rest of the dwarves. And with the rumors that come from the Deep Hollows, as well as the slave trade and violent interactions, information now is more valuable than ever. I was proud when I heard you’d apprehended two of them in the Eleste Highlands. And sorely disappointed when I learned they escaped you and a group of highly trained soldiers.”

The lump in her throat made it impossible for Jasita to respond. 

Leliana sighed and stood. “But, ever since you arrived here as a young high elf I’ve seen promise in you. You learned to control your intrusive telepathy well under my tutelage. You excelled in all your classes. You were a star employee in all your support positions after graduation. Not to mention your parents are well-respected researchers. It is little wonder you have such discipline.”

Jasta’s eyes darted away at the mention of her parents, staring hard at the far wall. 

“So, I want the dark elf and dark dwarf assigned directly to you,” Leliana continued. “They will be your responsibility and yours alone. I trust you to do better this time.” She turned away and stared out the window at the snowfall. 

A wave of relief washed over Jasita. “Thank you very much, Magistrate Dante. I will not fail. What is it you wish to learn from them?”

The Magistrate’s powerful stance was silhouetted against the window. “Learn about their culture. Their religion. Why do they distance themselves from the rest of us? Why do they capture slaves and what they are used for? Where are their cities are located? What are their people’s intentions? What were both of them were doing so far from home? Why were they in An’Ock? I want to know it all.” 

Jasita inclined her head. “I can do this.”

“They will be here within a week, Yolarin. Make sure you are ready.”