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The Blight Dragon – Insurgent God Lore Feature

The Blight Dragon, also known as Iosis, is one of the most chaotic gods in Thread of Souls. As the goddess of chaos, elements, and destruction, she demands fealty from her acolytes, having them devote themselves to her fully. She was once multiple dragons but a grievous wound from the Holy Dragon destroyed her dragon forms and split her essence. Her cultist found the remaining body parts and stitched them together to form the Stitched Wyrm.


The Blight Dragon is represented by three domains: chaos, elements, and destruction. Each represents an aspect of her and one that she commands from her cult.


Chaos is represented by her animosity. The other gods are never quite sure what Iosis will do next. While her cult and followers work together to further her will, they often can be found arguing amongst one another. This tends to lead to infighting and splintering of cult leaders. She also spreads her chaos by tormenting those who stand against her. Promising them power or pleasure, she uses chaos to tear the person apart and drive those close to them away. Iosis takes much pleasure in both.



She is associated with the elements as she was known to create them. When it came time for the gods to create the Material plane, the Blight Dragon branched off on her own to construct the elemental planes and the dragons that rule them. She is the reason the fire, water, air, and earth planes exist and why dragons first ruled the world of Thread of Souls.


Her domain of destruction is enveloped by both of the others. The might and destructive force of the elements blended with chaos grants her and her cult immense power. They use the magical energy of the elements to form ice barriers, hurl fireballs, create hurricanes, and decimate the land to spread her dominion.

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