The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday Set

We take a look at the Magic: The Gathering Tales of Middle-earth holiday card set!

Magic: The Gathering released a set of Lord of the Rings-themed cards earlier this year. They have been a lot of fun to look at and play in the game. But this November they have released what they are calling the “Tales of Middle-earth Holiday Set”. We got to take an early look at it, and it is currently available to buy.

The box it comes in is very beautiful, and all the art on the cards and display sets shows a real love and care. The box comes with a really fun feature: two large display stands. On one side is epic Lord of the Rings art, and on the other are slots to showcase your favorite cards.

For the fans of the traditional Hildebrandt art, we have Greg and Tim Hildebrandt classic The Lord of the Rings art paired with existing Magic card reprints. Twenty in total, they feature a suite of cards chosen specifically for this treatment.”

Wizards of the Coast press release

Some of the art on the cards are our favorite we’ve come across. There’s memorable characters, locations, and situations. Many of the cards are paired with quotes directly from the books, so you get to enjoy the beautiful writing of Tolkien.

We do enjoy playing Magic games. We have decks inspired by Taliesin, Ruuda, Jade, Jasita, and more Thread of Souls characters. These cards will make really fun additions to update our decks!

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