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Thread of Souls 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This is our first year to cover a holiday gift guide for fans of Thread of Souls! We hope to expand the list each year beyond this one with more books, merchandise, dice, and other goodies!

Our focus this year is where you can purchase the TOS books, as well as in what formats. These make excellent gifts for the people in your life that love reading, fantasy, D&D, or all of the above! Or yourself, of course. Treat yourself.

Formats Available:

Currently all three Thread of Souls books are available in paperback and ebook format. The plan is to have all three also in hardcover by the end of this month. Audiobook will be coming next year!

Where to Buy:

The best place to buy all of them is on Amazon: Thread of Souls (3 book series) Paperback Edition (

Ash & Thunder is available through Barnes & Noble: Thread of Souls: Book II – Ash & Thunder by Scott Roepel, Ashley Roepel, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Alibris has all three books available: Thread of Souls: Book I: Phantom Five by Roepel, Scott, and Roepel, Ashley: New, Paperback, $12.07 at Alibris

Ash & Thunder is on ThriftBooks, though for the same price as Amazon: Thread of Souls: Book II – Ash &… book (