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Thread of Souls Holiday Gift Guide!

We are definitely cutting it close to the end of the holidays for this holiday gift guide, haha! It’s been quite the hectic time with food poisoning, being laid off, having to move, launching a new book, etc, etc. But! We are happy to highlight some fun gifts from the world of Thread of Souls!

New Books!

Yes! We have not only new covers, but also a brand new book! The fourth book in the series, Asunder, just launched and it already has two 5-star reviews! You can find all the books on Amazon, and the first three are currently available via Barnes and Noble’s online store. If you are short on time, ebooks make a great holiday gift!

New Merchandise!

We’ve got a completely re-done shop with lots of new merch in it! There are shirts, hoodies, dresses, magnets, pins, stickers, journals, bags, mugs, bottles, and more! All of it has our Thread of Souls logo on it.


Gifts for D&D Players

Another great holiday gift if you are short on time is an item from our Dungeon Master’s Guild shop! There are subclasses, new spells, short adventures, downtime activities, and much more! These are all excellent gifts for the player or GM in your life!

Art Prints

We do offer a variety of art prints through DeviantArt. You can check them out here if you’re interested in showcasing characters from Thread of Souls. This is also a nice last-minute gift since you can just print the photo to let the recipient know the art is on its way to them!

yule log

Merry Winter’s Eve to one and all!

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