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Story Prompt – Tarot Card Spread

Coming up with a new story idea always presents a challenge. Whether it is for a book, fanfiction, TTRPG game, or creative video, it often involves some brainstorming for an effective story. We always enjoy seeing fun story prompts online, so we want to bring some of that to you! Using our personal tarot set based off Thread of Souls characters, we used a spread meant for storytelling prompts. Here is the spread below and what each represents. Have fun with it!

The Tarot Spread

  1. What is the central theme of this story?
    • Our top left position is the Humble One. This card is represented by Hwalla, who lives a simple farming life. He is soft-spoken, kind, and puts his children above everything else. This card symbolizes simplicity and focusing on the small things in life.
  2. Who is this story about?
    • The bottom left is the Shadow. The Shadow is represented by Neir Shadowsnare. He is a Gloom Stalker of great skill, and has strict morals to always do the right thing. This card symbolizes quiet action, unseen foes, patience, and anonymity.
  3. What is the obstacle the protagonist must overcome?
    • The top middle is the Barbarian. This card is represented by Sen, a good-nature pirate captain that is always down for a brawl. Despite his large size, Sen has a fear of magic. This card symbolizes strength, recklessness, letting go, and trying to hide inner vulnerability with boastfulness.
  4. How do they overcome this obstacle?
    • The bottom middle is the Criminal. This card is represented by Elisi, also known as the Grandmother and leader of the Shadow Guild. She is feared by even members of her own Guild and uses this to instill loyalty. This card symbolizes breaking the rules, not caring what others think of you, cheating, and moral lines.
  5. How does this change them or their world?
    • The top right card is the Dragon. This card is represented by Draxis, a gold dragon often disguised as a Human. He lives an easy and carefree life, but must keep himself secret. This card symbolizes inner power, epic journeys, and great challenges.
  6. What is the story’s ending?
    • The bottom right card is the Illusionist. This card is represented by Tymus, who is a Gnome Wizard trained at the Citadel. He has a sunny personality and takes his work very seriously. This card symbolizes illusions, analysis, not taking things at face value, and trusting your inner gut.

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