International Day of Forests – the Firelit Forest

Tomorrow is the International Day of Forests! To celebrate, we are featuring a key location in the Thread of Souls series, the Firelit Forest.

The Firelit Forest stretches from north to south of Corventos. It serves as the border between the Korventine Empire and the Eleste Lands. This massive expanse of trees is visible for miles. Its name came from the many fireflies that light it up at night.

This forest has been a staging ground for many storylines in the Thread of Souls books. In Ash & Thunder, the Phantom Five travel through the forest on their journey to the capital. They visit Jade’s Druid Circle as well as the hut her late Master Galen lived in. They also have a confrontation with the spellcaster Jenkins in the middle of a ritual.

In Path of the Spiders, Wash, Unolé, Taliesin, and Ruuda flee for safety within the trees while they are being hunted by Dorian Aster of the Citadel. The book ends in a showdown between Wash and Dorian.

Historically speaking, the Firelit Forest plays a role on the grand stage of Corventos. During An’Ock’s Age of Expansion they attempted to settle it, but were unsuccessful against nature. It was decided upon as the border between the Korventine Empire and the Eleste Lands during the War for the World, as well.

Do you have a favorite real-life or fictional forest? Share below!

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