The Magister Cocktail Recipe

We are very excited for the first cocktail in our new line of Thread of Souls themed recipes! The Magister is a bright and refreshing drink with a nice dark purple color reflective of the god himself.

The Lore

The Magister is the god of magic, discovery, and order. He is credited with teaching mortals magic, and his symbol is a purple spark. He is often depicted as a bronze-skinned male wearing robes with arcane sigils. The Magister promotes research and discovery of the arcane as a way to progress society forward. But he also advocates for its control and using it only for good. He played an extremely active role in the Divine Wars due to his assault by the Silk Weaver. He was one of the primary deities that advocated for the Gate of the Gods and had a key hand in its creation.

The Recipe

The ingredients are: 1 cup of cosmopolitan mix, 1 oz of blue curaçao, 2 drops of cherry bitters, and ice to your liking. This would also taste really good shaved-ice style!

It is very simple to mix up. Just put ice in a glass, pour in your liquids, and mix until it is a dark purple in color.



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