Character Feature: Unolé

This character feature for Thread of Souls is centered on Unolé, the stealthy rogue who loves her little sister, bags of gold, and adventure.

Unolé was raised in An’Ock, the capital city of the Korventine Empire. She grew up in an orphanage with her little sister, Unatchi. Both are Half-Fiends, a race that has a touch of the Hells within them. This presents itself as horns, a tail, sharp incisor teeth, and unusually colored eyes.

When Unolé aged out of the orphange, she and her little sister ended up on the streets. Due to their race, no one would take them in. They learned how to steal, how to deceive, and how to remain out of sight. One day, Unatchi tried to pickpocket a young man named Fade. Fade belonged to the Shadow Guild, an underground organization led by the ruthless and mysterious leader known as the Grandmother. Impressed with their skills, Fade vouched for them to join the Guild.

Unolé’s years in the Shadow Guild were spent learning how to fight, improving her stealth skills, and harnessing the innate magic her Hellish bloodline gave her. She took on multiple thieving and spying contracts for the Shadow Guild, earning a good reputation. But what was most important to her was a stable home for her little sister.

During the prologue of the Phantom Five book, we join Unolé and Unatchi on one such contract just outside of the city. But this contract turns deadly. Unatchi’s body drops, but Unolé can’t be sure if she is lifeless or unconscious before a giant creature swoops from the sky and steals the body away.

Unolé joins together with the wise and calm coatl named Teshuva to track down her sister. The two of them travel the planes, searching for this monster and for answers as to why her little sister was targeted. Unolé will not rest until she can bring her sister back home, and along the way she makes friendships, defeats monsters, and accumulates gold in hopes of one day leaving the Shadow Guild behind.

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