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Tabletop Games Deserving of a Video Game Series

We take a look at tabletop role-playing games that would great make video games


Symbaroum from Free League Publishing is a dark fantasy setting full of intrigue and mystery. The land is dangerous and full of undead, creatures, loot, and adventure. The main area players explore is the forest of Davokar. It’s mainly uncharted and is a great area full of potential quests. One aspect of Symbaroum is based around exploring and characters must purchase a license to venture into the forest.

The video game could be either an RPG or a real-time strategy game. The RPG would be similar to Baldur’s Gate and Solasta where you take a party of four to six and explore the forest. The main quest may involve searching for a forgotten city, finding a missing warrior who ventured out before you and, or destroying an artifact that is bringing destruction to the land.

While the RTS could work by having you take control of the adventuring guild and hiring adventures to go into the forest. All while you construct a town and keep up its resources.

Forbidden Lands

Forbidden Lands, also from Free League, is more similar to Pathfinder. While there is a Pathfinder video game, we feel Forbidden Lands would make a far better one. Its world is rich and detailed with history. The gods fled their previous land and ventured into a new one, hence the name. The new region saw war and greed and is covered in a terrible mist called the Blood Mist.

The mist corrupts and kills anyone who steps foot in it, spawns monsters, and is even alive if some believe the rumors. There are several factions and established characters within the world that can make random appearances from time to time to surprise the party. Like the Rust Brothers or a walking set of armor possessed by the soul of a forgotten warrior.

A video game would be fantastic and we could see it being a hack-and-slash like The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity. But it would be perfect as a turn-based RPG, too.

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