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The World of Corventos

Corventos is divided up into five major territories. The Korventine Empire, the Eleste lands, the Southern Kingdoms, the Citadel, and the Iron Gauntlet. While each of these have their own unique way of life, even within each territory there is diverse geography, cities, cultures, and prime deities. Let’s give a basic overview of the way of life in each of these places! Consider this a beginner’s course in Corventos.

The Korventine Empire

The Capital City

An’Ock is the capital city of the Korventine Empire. It was once the seat of power for Humans that defended its borders strongly against all others. But time and peace have made the city largely diverse and the empirical titles have been switched to king and queen.

An’Ock is surrounded by farmland and its a city divided by large gates. These separate districts as well as classes. Some highlights of this city include its Divine Path that houses many holy temples, the sprawling Grand Bazaar, and the Proven Right that houses the coliseum and nightly fights.

The Doorway Mountains

The Doorway Mountains sit to the far northwest. They are a large and tall range, making it difficult for travelers who don’t stick to the roads. They house two towns on their borders. Somberdale and Skyview.

Somberdale is a small coastal town that rarely sees significant trade due to its remoteness from the rest of the Korventine Empire. Bordered by forests and mountains on one side and the sea on the other, it is a very beautiful and quiet location.

Skyview is an exceptionally small town on the far eastern side of the Doorway Mountains. Living a simple agriculture life, the residents of Skyview have unmatched views over the land.

The Korventine Plains

The Korventine Plains are crossed by the Great Divide River and lie between the Doorway and Black Reach Mountains. They mostly consist of farmland but have some rugged and wild areas.

The only real town of note is Lumera. The town sits close to the river and is not far from An’Ock, making it a great alternative for trade and those who do want to venture into the city, or those who don’t want to live too far from it.

The Firelit Forest

The Firelit Forest creates the border between the Korventine Empire and the Eleste lands. It is a huge and dense forest, and not easily crossed. It is so named because of the large amount of fireflies that light up the forest at night.

Druids often make the Firelit Forest their home, and it is speckled by huts and ruins of those who prefer to live close to nature.

The Black Reach Mountains

The Black Reach Mountains are the border between the Korventine Plains and the Expanse. A smaller, rocky range, they are so named because of the interesting color of their rocks.

There are two villages in the Black Reach Mountains. View Point is mostly a tribal area for nomads of the Korventine Empire. Vale is a sleepy, remote village that lives very apart from the rest of the world.

The Expanse

The Expanse is a large desert on the southern tip of the Korventine Empire. With rolling dunes, beautiful coasts, and rich desert life, it is quite the sight for anyone brave enough to cross. It was once the site of the wealthiest city in all of Corventos: Soleia. But now that city is only ruins.

However, Vonkai sits as a rich port on the southern edge of the Expanse. Colorful, vibrant, and happy, Vonkai experiences great trade and has a wonderful market where travelers can find anything they are looking for.

The Eleste Lands

The Capital City

Eleste’si is the capital of the Eleste Highlands and Lowlands and sits on the edge of the jewel-like Lake Eleste. It is a prosperous, beautiful, and ancient city. The Eleste lands have always been an Elven seat of power. While the centuries have passed and more diversity has been created, Eleste’si still remains very unwelcoming to anyone that is not a High Elf.

It is known as the City of Blossoms for its lovely cherry blossoms. In ancient history the city hopped between the Material Plane and the Wilds, which has created a deep love of nature and magic within the city.

The Snow Keep Mountains

The Snow Keep Mountains and the city within, North Pointe, are often considered the forgotten bit of the Eleste Highlands. Sitting on the border of the Korventine Empire, the population is more Human than Elven, and they often feel like an wanted child.

The weather is harsh and cold. But with ocean surrounding them, North Pointe has plenty of food and a steady way of life. They are a people deeply rooted in tradition and family name.

The Eleste Highlands

Cliffs, hills, boulders, and the long Amakiir River are what await travelers of the Eleste Highlands. As unforgiving as they are beautiful, the Highlands are not easy to cross if travelers stray from the roads. Small farming communities dot the land, but the largest town is Vesper.

Vesper sits right on the river and depends upon it for livelihood. This town cares little for the troubles of the rest of the world. The people are warm, simple, and always welcoming to weary travelers.

The Eleste Lowlands

The Eleste Lowlands are much easier to traverse than the Highlands. There is very little across them, and only one city brings travelers that far south. Oceala, the Gem of the Bay.

This gorgeous coastal city is mainly Elven but has frequent travelers that stay for extended periods. Sitting upon a crescent-shaped beach, the city is colorful and fun.

Black Fog Swamp

The Black Fog Swamp sits at the very end of the Firelit Forest and exactly on the border between the Korventine Empire and the Eleste Lowlands. That is likely why its town, Silvertongue Hollow, is able to operate with no oversight.

A den of thieves and crooks, Silvertongue Hollow is a lawless and dangerous place. Its activities gave the Bay of Thieves its name, and any reputable ships will sail far away to avoid pirates. The swamp is also known to be inhabited by ghosts that prey on the unprepared.

The Southern Kingdoms

The Five Cities

The Southern Kingdoms has little involvement with the rest of Corventos. A heavily forested area, it is known for its dire beasts. The Southern Kingdoms is a war-torn, restless area made up of five cities.

Gaea is the capital of the South and the largest city. Elkrun is mostly Elven and prides itself in its heritage. Amarok is farmland that is often attacked by dire wolves. Castor and Pollux are known as the Twin Cities and raise strong warriors, horsemen, and sailors.

The Iron Gauntlet

De Behl Marr

De Behl Marr is a volcano sitting towards the southern part of the Iron Guantlet. The primary powerhouse of this territory of Corventos, De Behl Marr is mainly inhabited by Dwarves.

The Dwarves of De Behl Marr played a critical role in the Day of Sealing by contributing their wealth, and their King Vicrum, to lay a trap for the dragons. After the trap’s success, De Behl Marr was forgotten about, leading to the Dwarves now rarely dealing with the outside world. And even more rarely letting anyone else in.

The Canyon of T’rizgrad

The Canyon of T’rizgrad is an arid location that borders on the Eleste Highlands. The canyon itself and the area surrounding it is home to many tribes of diverse races and cultures. They exist with uneasy relations, and there are often battles.

The Eastern Forest

The Eastern Forest sits near the Canyon of T’rizgrad. For centuries this forest has been avoided as there are frequent reports of hauntings within its depths.

The Iron Karsts

The Iron Karsts lie just north of De Behl Marr. There are a handful of small settlements, but mostly it is a wild, untamed area. Frequent monster sightings ensure only the bravest of travelers pass through here.

The Blue Hills

The Blue Hills lie to the south of De Behl Marr. So named because of the wide view of the skies above and overall sunny weather. The Blue Hills contain two towns within. Lily Valley and Thorn Thistle Villas.

Both Lily Valley and Thorn Thistles Villas have a predominant population of Gnomes and Halflings. Settled between De Behl Marr and the large city of Sunspire, these two towns enjoy easy wealth and plenty of trade.


The coastal city of Sunspire is the second powerhouse of the Iron Guantlet and is known as the City of Ensemble. It is a sprawling city focused on religion. While it is welcoming of all people with a creed of mercy and kindness, it does have strict rules in place.

Magic is forbidden unless with a writ of approval. And even then, those that practice divine magic are much more likely to get permission than any Wizard.

The Citadel

The Arcane Fangs

The Arcane Fangs is a mountain range that marks the border between the Citadel’s territory and the rest of Corventos. They are the tallest mountains in Corventos and are know as the Impassable Mountains. Covered in snow and ice most of the year, they act as the perfect defense for the Citadel.

The Citadel

The Citadel sits at the furthest northeastern edge of Corventos. It is a magical academy, a center of arcane research, and a ruler of magical law. It is highly protected and not even teleportation or divination spells can pass within its area.

A city known as Cita sits outside the Citadel and is home to members of the institution, their families, and guests.

The Deep Hollows

The Deep Hollows are not an official territory of Corventos. They are a series of caverns, tunnels, and underground cities deep below the ground. Many on the surface don’t even believe the Deep Hollows are a real place. Rural communities may not have even heard the term. But larger cities see any entry to the Deep Hollows, or its denizens, as a threat.

There exists large cities and tiny outposts all across the Deep Hollows. Some noted locations are Berenzia and Balum Guar. Berenzia is a massive city of Dark Elves that lies nearby to Eleste’si. Balum Guar is a large city of Dark Dwarves that lies near De Behl Marr. Conditions in the Deep Hollows are dangerous, and it produces hardy people that can survive even the toughest trials.