Thread of Souls
The Spool of Souls: Updates & News

The Spool of Souls – TOS News for March 2022!

Welcome March! We have some fun news and announcements to share with you for this month’s entry of the Spool of Souls.

Calling All Readers!

We are building our first ever book launch team! With the Thread of Souls book four release planned for this December, we are seeking to build a team for its launch that will get ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) of the book. We are definitely looking for energetic, social media-savvy people who love fantasy and all things TTRPG’s.

If you haven’t read the previous series installments and are okay with hopping straight into book four, that is no problem! If you believe you can read the first three books this year to catch up, we are happy to give free ebook copies to those interested in joining the team. Please reach out, we are excited to hear from you!

Roll to Know

This past week we appeared on Hope for TTRPG’s “Roll to Know” Twitch stream. It was a super fun time to connect with others in this niche and get to know one another! If you didn’t get to see it live, the VOD is currently available. Enjoy!

Website Redesign

As you can see, our website has gone through a face lift! We are really happy with the new layout and feel it is much more user-friendly and reads better for all of you to enjoy. We brought back the blog page that is much more organized this time, and our Art Gallery is cleaner!

Music Partnership

Sneak peek! We have partnered with an awesome musician who will be composing music for Thread of Souls! We are very excited to share the main theme, as well as character themes, in the future. More details to come!

That is all for this month! As usual, you can find us all over social media including a young YouTube channel. We also post twice weekly on this website. See you soon!