The Day of Sealing

The Day of Sealing was a monumentous moment in history for Corventos. It was so impactful that it forever changed the way the people lived, and it ushered in a new era. Let’s take a look at what happened that day, and why it is remembered everywhere.

The Age of Dragons

Before the Day of Sealing was the Age of Dragons. This age took place between year 2000 and year 0 BDS. After the gods departed the world, the next most powerful beings took control. The dragons. They made great lairs for themselves, leveled cities, and altered the landscape around them. While this was an age of great heroes fighting back the beasts, it was also a time of great death and danger. All of Corventos knew something had to be done, or they risked extinction.

The Clairvoyant Arcane

A High Elf Arcanist named Viscera Dante rose to the challenge. She was a pioneer in the then new field of the arcane, and was performing extensive research on other planes of existence. She hatched a plan that would rid Corventos of dragons forever.

Her first step was gathering the most powerful mages of the time. This group of nine called themselves the Clairvoyant Arcane. Together, they created the Clairvoyant Mirror. It was heavily enchanted and built by using gems from other planes. This mirror would be able to open portals and keep them open long enough to force the dragons through. They would cast them from this plane of existence, never to return again.

The City of the Sun

To pull this off successfully, they knew they had to lay the perfect trap. Something that no dragon could resist. A hoard of treasure. Viscera enlisted the help of the Dwarves of De Behl Marr. Under the leadership of Dwarven King Vicrum Grodstrum, they delved into the great mountain and mined all the gold and gems they could find. The Clairvoyant Arcane also asked for donations of wealth and gold from other cities around Corventos, but De Behl Marr provided the vast majority.

Over a series of years, these treasures were shipped from the east of Corventos all the way to the desert in the west. The port city of Vonkai was established to facilitate this process. And two days north of Vonkai, in the middle of the Expanse, they built a city from all the riches acquired.

They called it Soleia, the City of the Sun. King Vicrum volunteered to lead this city. But it was designed as a trap. All the denizens that lived there were warriors and spellcasters. And the Clairvoyant Mirror was safely hidden within the very halls of Soleia.

The Day of Sealing

At last, the time came. Dragons descended on the city, ready to take the hoard for themselves. And when they did, the trap was sprung. The gathered armies revealed themselves and battled the dragons over the desert. Viscera Dante led her Clairvoyant Arcane in using the mirror to open portals. One by one, the dragons were forced through to other planes of existence. Even the reclusive giants of Corventos came to assist, using their superior size to drive back these violent foes.


Victory was hard won, and there were many lives lost. But Soleia remained standing, and Corventos was freed of dragons. The giants returned to their homes, and Vicrum remained King over Soleia to lead it into a bright future.

Viscera Dante and the Clairvoyant Arcane went on to found the powerful Citadel to be a hub of magical expertise. They also ushered in the new age, the Warding of the Planes, to ensure no dragon would ever break through again. Unfortunately, it was during an expedition to the Gloomdwell that all members of this group were lost to the dangers beyond. Only Lustrik Weaver returned, driven to madness.

The calendar was marked a new, the year starting at zero and the era referred to as “After the Day of Sealing”. Viscera went down in history, with a month, a comet, and even a bay named after her.

But ever since that day, planar travel has been illegal. And people have always lived in fear at what lies in wait on the other side of these planes.

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