Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of the month of love, we created fun Valentine’s cards for four of the Thread of Souls characters. Enjoy!

Ruuda’s card references her culture’s Blessing system, where each child is given a Blessing by the god the Forge King. This is proclaimed by a priest or priestess. However, in all her 100+ years of life, Ruuda has never received a legitimate Blessing. While this has forced her on the run to avoid mounting debt, she still thinks you could be her special Valentine’s Blessing!

Taliesin’s card references an event that happened in the third book in the Thread of Souls series, Path of the Spiders. Taliesin is a Cleric and thus closely tied to the goddess he chooses to worship. But for how special you are, he will let you be his new deity to worship!

Jade the nomadic Druid loves all things nature. With her deep magical ability, she is easily able to grow flowers and make them blossom into beautiful displays. Jade has a rough edge to her, with her ability to transform into the elements and her pragmatic way of solving problems. But she still has a soft spot for the prettier things in nature, as well as for her Valentine!

Sen is a carefree pirate captain beloved by his crew. When he is not fighting for coin or sailing the seas, he loves to relax and drink some rum. In fact, there are few things in life Sen loves more than rum. But he is a fiercely loyal friend and will always be on the front lines of battle, especially for his Valentine.

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