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Thread of Souls News

Hello all and happy December! We are starting a new blog series called The Spool of Souls. This will focus on updates to the world of Thread of Souls so you don’t miss out on any big announcements.

There is plenty to talk about! As you can see, the website has been revamped. Our previous focus was on fantasy / D&D storytelling with Thread of Souls as a minor focus. But with three books already released, plans for further growth, and ever-increasing sales numbers, we have made TOS the primary website focus. But we will still share plenty of goodies on how to tell a good story, D&D, as well as fun story prompts.

We have a new logo reflective of the book series as well as new cover photos. This change affects the website as well as all of our social media presence. We also have changed our social media “handle” from Tal & Ru Travels to Thread of Souls. Tal & Ru Travels is still our LLC that all our creative works fall under, but this new name helps better define who we are. You can still find us on Twitter @ TalAndRu.

We are excited to be released a new string of content for your entertainment. Here is what you can look forward to coming this month:

  • the launch of weekly videos on our YouTube
  • more art from the world of Thread of Souls
  • Lore drops that happen daily on Twitter and weekly on Instagram
  • Hardcovers of all three Thread of Souls books via Amazon

Thank you for all the support and love! We are so excited to see the growing fanbase for Thread of Souls.

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