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The One Ring Tabletop RPG Hits Kickstarter

Have we mentioned our love of Dungeons & Dragons? I think so. We also love Lord of the Rings and tabletop games. So, when Free League Publishing announced it was making a LOTR tabletop RPG called The One Ring, we were excited. Now that it has a release date we know a bit more about it.

“This is the Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all.”

As apart of the second edition update for the roleplaying game, The One Ring hits Kickstarter February 11. It also got a rather cool, albeit short, trailer to tease what to expect.

The game will be based on both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. So, while we won’t be getting anything from The Silmarillion, Amazon seems to have that one covered with its upcoming television series.

The 2E based system is a sequel to the first edition published way back in 2011 by Cubicle 7. There were plans to make a second edition in 2019 but the project was ultimately canceled.

The One Ring is created by game designer Francesco Nepitello and Martin Takaichi. Free League isn’t new to the world of fantasy either. Forbidden Lands is one of the company’s other tabletop games and it’s fantastic. It uses a unique d6 system rather than D&D’s d20 build. The company is also known for Alien, Coriolis, Symbaroum & Mutant Year Zero.

The game will be published in a stunning hardback volume and include updated rules as well. While there is limited information surrounding the overall design of the game, Free League said the world is familiar yet entirely fresh.

It all sounds a bit magical and wonderful. There’s something about Lord of the Rings that resonates with us. It’s the unique storytelling, fantastic characters that aren’t afraid to show the slightest bit of emotion, and the landscapes to explore. Those stories have pushed us to travel.

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