Tarot Story Prompt

For this Tarot Story Prompt I brought old my old Curse of Strahd tarokka deck. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used that one for anything. The artwork is so pretty on it, it’s inspiring all on its own!

For this layout, from top left to bottom right, we did: Our Protagonist, Our Antagonist, Our Quest, Our Complication.

Our Protagonist: We drew the Shepherd. Perhaps our hero lives a humble life caretaking a farm and animals. They may live outside of the city and have little care for a bustling lifestyle. They may feel very in touch with the cycle of nature.

Our Antagonist: We drew the Donjon. There is a lot of symbology here. Perhaps its a person who is imprisoning others. Perhaps it’s a system that takes away people’s freedom. Perhaps its nature itself that is entrapping people like the shepherd from leaving an area.

Our Quest: We drew the Monk. A monk character could be a quest giver on how to overcome the Donjon. Maybe it symbolizes that the quest revolves around the protagonist’s commitment to values and rituals and that is what drives them to stop the Donjon.

Our Complication: We drew the Paladin. Maybe the paladin is a character that presents the shepherd with a different choice, and they must decide what path to take. Perhaps the paladin represents a very structured religious order or ideology that upsets the shepherd’s quest.

It is also fun to do these tarot story prompts for inspiration! We hope you are able to get some ideas from this one!