Who are we?

We are Dorian and Talia Ravenwood! We’re both authors, writers, and creators who have a passion for TTRPGs and storytelling. We started playing TTRPGs in 2015 and knew we had to turn our (at then) hobby into a fantasy book series. We were hooked after that, and have built the TOS brand based around this love.

You can read our autobiographical posts here!

When not rolling dice, we are adventurous travelers, excellent home cooks, and always up for a day on the town. But lounging at home, playing video games, and spending time with our two cats (Danaerys and Gamora) is equally as fun.


Dorian is an executive producer and professional writer. His work is featured in tv shows, video games, in-print magazines, and websites. He’s also the co-founder and creative director for Game Sandwich. He can typically be found playing video games, but when he isn’t, he’s editing the books and loves playing with their two cats.

Favorite TTRPG class: Ranger

Favorite Video Game: Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire


Talia is a professional writer for websites and video games. She also is a professor teaching English courses for a university. When not writing for Thread of Souls, she loves drawing, interior decorating, and designing games.

Favorite TTRPG class: Cleric

Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Danaerys & Gamora

Danaerys & Gamora are the mascots of Thread of Souls. Dani is nothing like her namesake and can typically be found playing with trash like zip ties. Gamora has an opinion for every situation.

Favorite TTRPG class: Rogue / Barbarian

Favorite Video Game: Angry Birds

Our Autobiography

We decided to write autobiographical posts about the colorful life we have lived. There will be tales of sleeping in a campervan on the beach, of defending a bird’s nest from a snake, and of running away from wolves while sick with bronchitis. There will be tales of diagnosis with PTSD and ADHD and how it changed our lives, of meeting biological family, and of job loss. It’s a tale of overcoming challenges, of finding out who we are, of love, hope, cats, and of a marriage that’s gotten stronger through it all.