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The Spool of Souls – TOS News for April 2022!

Happy April! We have two big news announcements for the world of Thread of Souls that we are excited to share with you!

Thread of Souls Soundtrack

That’s right! A musician we have partnered with has already composed a main TOS theme as well as a Sen and Jade character theme. Right now, we are in the earliest stages, but we are excited to begin building original sounds for this world. In the future, our hope is to have all of these available to listen to and enjoy on Spotify.


We have launched a new merch page! One of our primary features is our new Redbubble store. Right now we have merchandise with the TOS logo on it. Expect more merch across this year including shirts, character designs, and more. That page is also a good one-stop shop for art prints, books, and our DMG/Fantasy Grounds products.

We also are in the earliest stages of conceptualizing two more major merch launches, and we are excited to spread the news in the future! Don’t want to spoil anything just now haha.

ARC Book Launch Team

We are still adding to our growing ARC team! If you love fantasy and/or TTRPG’s, reach out to become a member of our team. You’ll get free copies of the books to enjoy as well as merch as a thank you for supporting our book launches.


Book IV of Thread of Souls is more than halfway through its first draft. We are moving along smoothly and really excited for this release in December. Also stay tuned for a fun supplemental book release this summer!

That is all the news for this month! As usual, you can find us all over social media including a young YouTube channel. We also post twice weekly on this website. See you soon!

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