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Spool of Souls – TOS News for August 2022!

Hello all! We didn’t get to provide one of our monthly news updates for July, sadly. Talia tore her achilles tendon and healing and self-care took priority. But now with the pain lessened and a bubbly drink nearby, we can sit down and talk about what we have going on!

August Book Release

In June we talked about an upcoming lore book release. We have a tentative title for it! “Jade’s Alphabet of Animals” will be a whimsical, light-hearted take on animal books featuring lore of creatures from Thread of Souls! And it will not be meant for children. Definitely not.

Dungeon Master’s Guild

Many of you know we have been publishing on DMG for four years now. We have a bunch of recent releases we are excited about. These include the School of Investigation wizard subclass, the Oath of Reparation paladin subclass, the School of Fire wizard subclass, a compendium of battle maps, a compendium of Underdark-specific battle maps, and the sports carriage racing downtime activity known as Top Steer! You can check all of these out on our DMG page.

Asunder Progress

We are deep into the final part of book four in the Thread of Souls series, Asunder. Our plans for a December release are still solid, and we are very excited to bring you what is a huge turning point in this planned eight-book series.

Thank you for stopping by! Follow along for more book news, and please let us know if you want to be part of our ARC team and a get a free copy of “Jade’s Alphabet of Animals”, as well as the upcoming “Asunder”!

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