The Traditions of Winter’s Eve

Winter’s Eve is a tradition celebrated across Corventos from the 30th – 40th of Visceraloch. While it begins on the Winter Solstice, different cultures and religions have their own spin on the festivities.

What is Winter’s Eve?

Beginning on the Winter’s Solstice, this celebration happens the last ten days of the year. It focuses on the completion of one year and the beginning of a new. It is a time for resting and being with loved ones. Because of the shorter and darker days, many lights are lit across cities and small towns. There are typically shows, parades, singing, and food. Songs focus on the year ending, hopes for the new year, and giving gifts. A common saying throughout Corventos is “Blessings upon you!”, and it is inspired by the culture of the Forge King’s worshippers.

What is Thruumdar’s Workshop?

Thruumdar, the Forge King, is the god of crafts, work, and blessings. He is known for blessing his followers with specific talents and gifts, something that Dark Dwarf culture centers entirely around. During Winter’s Eve, followers of Thruumdar will build crafts based on their own unique skills and give them out freely to people. It is a show of generosity and a sense of community, earning this tradition the name Thruumdar’s Workshop. The saying “Blessings upon you!” derives from this.

How does the Korventine Empire celebrate?

There are large community meals based around their last harvest. Sweet potatoes, squash, and ham are all popular to serve. In the capital city An’Ock there is a big focus on Thruumdar’s Workshop. A large area of the city is converted to a gift buying center with supposed Dwarvish-style food and clothes. But the focus is more on spending money rather than the true root of this tradition.

How does the Expanse celebrate?

The Festival of Reflections is popular in the desert settlements. Boats will sail out onto the water at night and light colorful lanterns. The colors represent the gems brought to the great city of Soleia for the Day of Sealing, a historical day that banished the dragons from this plane of existence. It is said if you look at the reflections of the lantern lights on the water, you might see a glimpse of what the new year will bring you.

How does Eleste’si celebrate?

Known as the City of Blossoms, Eleste’si’s famous cherry blossom trees are dormant this time of year. So, it is a tradition to paint wooden cherry blossoms and hang them from the bare branches across the city. Some tree farmers grow these trees for the people to bring into their homes and decorate.

How does Oceala celebrate?

This beautiful tropical and coastal city celebrates by honoring their protector, Majora. They give offerings into the water in hopes Majora will continue to guard the city for another year. Sometimes, the great dragon turtle will emerge and tell stories to the people gathered on the beaches.

How does the Iron Gauntlet celebrate?

Within the Monastery of the Fallen Star, the monks will write on slips of paper what they hope to banish for the next year. That might be bad habits, struggles of the community, or even difficulties across Corventos as a whole. They then burn these papers. But across the wilder and more remote parts of the Iron Gauntlet, they build large effigies of scary monsters and burn them in hopes of banishing negative spirits.

How does Sunspire celebrate?

The City of Ensemble will host a large community-centered party in the middle of the city. It celebrates diversity and the acceptance of everyone. They will craft a huge Sunspirian symbol in the center of the plaza and people are free to leave tags on it for items they need. Other people can choose a tag, get that gift, and leave it at the Sunspirian symbol.

What is the Festival of the Dawn?

Followers of Li’alda, the Lady of Light, will celebrate the Festival of the Dawn. Their temples and shrines will shine with a multitude of yellow lights.

What is the Festival of New Life?

Naydrin, the Life Giver, is celebrated with the Festival of New Life. Her followers commemorate surviving the year and the new life coming for plants, animals and people when spring comes around again.