Elder Scrolls Six Tease

The next Elder Scrolls game may be far in the future but Bethesda may be teasing where it will take place. The publisher tweeted out a cryptic post just before 2021 and it really may make this year so much better.

The post shows a picture of the Province of Skyrim with a few candles set around it. It’s the candles that really have people talking. That and the text along with the picture.

“Transcribe the past and map the future.”

Many have deduced that the placement of the lights could reveal the location of the Elder Scrolls VI. One is placed near the capitol of Skyrim, Solitude. While the other two are both off the map. The top right light sets on a table but when looking at a map of Tamriel, is in the middle of the Sea of Ghosts. While the bottom left one is off the Skyrim map but begins on a new area: Hammerfell. When looking at a full map, the next country would be Hammerfell.

If we assume that Solitude is the past, since it is the only light that is placed near a previous settlement in the Elder Scrolls series, the light next to Hammerfell must point to the future. No previous game has taken place on the Sea of Ghosts. Arena was in Cyrodiil, Daggerfall was in High Rock, Morrowind was well, obvious, and Oblivion was set in Cyrodiil.

If that were the case, Elder Scrolls VI would be rounding out the top and middle portion of Tamriel. Either that or the next expansion for Elder Scrolls Online after Oblivion will take place in Hammerfell but I don’t think that’s the case. Why tease a new ESO announcement when one was just announced?

Hammerfell is home to the Redguards and is rather similar to Morrowind. It includes mountain ranges, grasslands, and dunes, with the largest and most popular being the Alik’r Desert. Another clue as to if Hammerfell is the next game can be found in Skyrim as well.

The quest In My Time of Need revolves around Hammerfall as well. The Dragonborn is asked by Alik’r warriors to look for a Redguard woman named Saadia. She is a noble on the run from Hammerfell and the warriors want to bring her in. It may not be much to go on but I always particularly enjoyed the quest. There was just the right amount of mystery and subterfuge that I never knew who to believe.

Elder Scrolls VI was announced in 2018 and since then has fell silent. Hopefully, there is some more news around the future of the Elder Scrolls soon. The next Elder Scrolls content to be released is the Gates of Oblivion expansion for ESO.

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