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How to Organize Writing

Top Tips to Help Struggling Writers Get Their Thoughts Together!

We creatives have busy minds, and that can make the process to organize writing difficult. There’s just too many ideas! While I don’t believe there is one path set in stone guaranteed to work for everybody, here is what I do to help keep my ideas in line while I am writing the Thread of Souls books.

Google Docs to Organize Writing

I use Google Docs a lot. Many years ago, I used to keep all my story notes on Microsoft Word on my computer. After the computer crashed and destroyed everything, I only trust the Cloud haha. But it also is easy to navigate, and works well when you’re working with a co-author like I am. The lovely Dorian.

I have one folder titled Thread of Souls, and that is broken up into subfolders. While I am writing, I keep a few documents permanently open.

  • The actual document I am writing on.
  • My outline. I change sections to gray text when I’m done with them, but I never delete in case I need to refer back.
  • My handy word list! I have a spreadsheet with great synonyms for “said”, emotions, expressions, fighting moves, etc to help me when I’m blanking.

I also have one other document I pull up as needed. I have the original game notes from the game. As you know, Thread of Souls is based off our TTRPG. When I outline, I initially start by going through the rough game notes and sculpting the story off that base.

Evernote to Organize Writing

Because I’m writing a very detailed series of books with a fully fleshed out world, I can’t expect myself to remember everything all the time. What is Zok’s age again? What symbol is on the temple to the Holy Dragon in Somberdale? How much as Taliesin talked about his sister?

When I needed answers to these questions, I use Evernote. This is not an endorsement, I’m not getting paid for this haha. But after trying some other software Evernote was just the easiest for me to use. I have my notes divided up by:

  • Characters
  • Plotline
  • Gods
  • Locations

I keep this open on my computer so I can quickly use their search bar and find what information I need.

In summary, I keep a few documents open on Google Docs, specifically an outline and a handy word list. I also use Evernote to keep track of things that happened in prior books. I use all of these while I am doing my writing.

What strategies do you use when you organize your writing?