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Leaving Social Media

Hello all! It’s been a while since we posted. This month has been particularly turbulent for us with a lot of life changes. We’re hoping to get some stability back soon and be able to post content more regularly. That being said, we have a time-specific announcement.

Thread of Souls as our brand is leaving social media channels. This includes the accounts we previously had on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, DeviantArt, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and more. The decision for this is pretty simple. While we had some great interactions with the community, the toxicity of the social media space eventually overpowered the fun. It was hard to browse feeds without seeing hate content, even from within a typically welcoming and loving community. And in good conscious it’s hard for us to stay on platforms like Twitter when we disagree with the ethics of how business is being conducted.

While we received a very small percentage of some online bullying, others have had it much worse and that is not the reason we removed our accounts. We are clearing out sources of hate and negativity in our lives, and leaving social media happened to be one of those.

So what does our online future hold? Our website will remain as it is. Over the course of a month or so you’ll see a series of changes as we adjust to the need to give certain aspects of Thread of Souls more of a platform on this website. One of these will be introducing a brand-new video page, where previously videos were simply incorporated with the blog posts.

You will still be able to come to the site to see all the things we had on here and across social media. This includes art, videos, merchandise, photos, and a blog that features Thread of Souls, book and game reviews, and informative pieces for storytellers.

We appreciate everyone that has engaged and followed us for years. This website will now be the central hub of our content, and we look forward to continuing to engage in the future with all of you!

Thank you for the love and support!

Dorian & Talia

P.S. – We’ll be sure to give an update about life after leaving social media in the future for those also seeking to leave it behind and look for alternatives!

Another P.S. – There will not be any social accounts from us without an accompanying blog post on our website. Anything you see claiming to be “Thread of Souls” not supported here is a fake account.