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National Hobby Month Feature

January is National Hobby Month! When we created the world of Thread of Souls, we found our hobbies expanded and enhanced, bringing more joy to our lives. And while a lot of what we do can be turned around to promote our books, we always keep the philosophy that we are doing this for our own enjoyment and fun. It doesn’t matter if it ends up online or not. At its core, that is what a hobby is.

Thread of Souls did start, after all, from a hobby. We sat around a table and played a fully homebrewed TTRPG for fun. As the years passed, we realized we loved the story and these characters so much that we wanted to keep these stories forever. That was the start of the inspiration for this book series. Both of us are born writers that love to write and find a good deal of fulfillment in it.

But before the books began, there was the art. I don’t believe any of the early art has ever been posted online, but it was drawn after each game and depicted something that happened in-game. Art is also something we both always loved, and this gave another way to express it. We both actually hadn’t drawn in years before being inspired by this game.

And that has spun onto other hobbies. Building terrain, making videos, cosplay, designing tarot cards, and much more.

Hobbies bring such a great deal of fun and joy to life. It doesn’t matter whether you make it public, make money off of it, or even if you keep it entirely secret. The purpose is to bring you fulfillment and something to get excited about every day.

Share your hobbies with us! We’d love to hear about them!

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