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Behind the Scenes: Writing Book IV

It’s a behind the scenes post! This is our first in a series leading up to the launch of book four at the end of this year. We want to give you a look at what it takes to convert a TTRPG game into a book, and where we currently are at in the process.

We also released a video on our YouTube channel showing behind the scenes, which you can view here or below.

We began working on book four in the Thread of Souls “Spider Octology” in November of 2021. We currently have eight chapters completed and are nearly through Part 1! As we have announced earlier, the title of book four will be Asunder.

Step 1: Going Through the Notes

The first step in writing these books is going through all the notes. After each TTRPG game, we write down everything that happened in as much detail as we can remember. This also includes tones, character emotions, and general “vibes” of certain scenes. This takes 1 – 2 hours to complete.

At this point, the game was played about three years ago. So we go through all the old notes and turn them into a book outline. This involves dividing them into chapters, choosing character POV’s, and adding or removing scenes.

Step 2: The Writing Process

Now that we have a full outline along with a timeline for completing the book, we can get started with writing! Ashley will write one chapter a week. Then she sends it over to Scott who does the first round of revisions and suggestions.

There is obviously, much more editing to come at later stages. But for now, that is where we are at in the process!

You can find the books here. Don’t forget to check out our social media pages to see art, lore, and other fun bits from the Thread of Souls books!

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