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How to Make a Lady Dimitrescu Outfit in Animal Crossing

Resident Evil Village is here and the memes keep coming. Lady Dimitrescu blew up all across the internet and doesn’t appear that she will ever stop being relevant. The “tall vampire lady” is certainly a popular character and meme but she’s also a terrifying force to face in the game. There have been cosplays, character art, and posts galore showcasing the lady of the house and we were inspired to create her outfit in Animal Crossing.

The Nintendo game allows for plenty of creativity through outfit design, customized clothes, and furniture. Players have recreated amazing scenes from movies and games with the amount of customization the game offers. Creating Lady Dimitrescu’s look may take a bit of work and some luck when it comes to finding clothes, but it can totally be done. We did. So let’s show you how.

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Lady of the House

Lady Dimitrescu has a unique look that is instantly recognizable at a glance. There are two main qualities that make up her outfit: her hat and her regal dress. However, finding the specific items that match her aesthetic can be difficult if you haven’t worked with Labelle.

The Large Elegant Hat

The hat is going to be the piece de resistance, the Holy Grail, the needle in the haystack for her entire wardrobe. It’s large and opulent and would fit in nicely at the Kentucky Derby. There is only one such hat in Animal Crossing that fits the bill (no pun intended), the Labelle Hat.

In order to get the head topper, you will have to work with Labelle when she visits your island.

Dressed to Impress

As for the dress, there are a few routes you could go but really only one is a near perfect match. The Noble Dress is regal looking and has the ruffles to match her dress. You will want it in white as well.

Some good backup choices would be the Frugal Dress, Floral Lace Dress, Mage’s Dress, or Ruffled Dress. But the best option is to be to create the dress yourself like we did.

One other minor, but still important detail, is her shoes. While you may not be able to see them under the dress, they will help you feel more like the meme lady. We recommend the Labelle Pumps to complete the look.

Dinner is Served Mr. Winters

Once the outfit is complete you may want to act the part as well. Harv’s Island is the perfect place to ensure you feel like the queen of the castle. Get yourself a few prison bars, wine barrels, and plenty of purple flowers and set the scene and mood.

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