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Indiana Jones Game Setting Theory

Bethesda is working on an Indiana Jones game but it isn’t clear what the plot details are. However, from watching the trailer numerous times, there are glimpses at potential clues. It’s time to break out the map and cue the Raiders Theme.

From what information gathered from the short trailer, Indy will be traveling to Rome in 1937. This timeframe would place the upcoming game in the year set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. While Temple of Doom takes place before either as it is technically a prequel.

Other hints come from both the typewriter and passport. A letter on the machine says Indy will be arriving in Rome. But the rest of it is far too blurry to make out any other finer details. While the passport is stamped for Rome and includes the date October 21, 1937.

The camera also pans over a map of Rome and is full of interesting tidbits. Written on Apostolic Palace is the word clue with a question mark. So the game may in fact take place inside the home of the Pope. Imagine searching through the private quarters of the leader of the Catholic church while avoiding priests. Indy could spout of some quips about how his dad would have loved to have been here while he blasphemes the holy church.

The palace is also not too far from the Sistine Chapel where an X clearly marks a spot on the map. The X is somewhere inside of the Vatican Apostolic Library. It all seems very reminiscent of the third film. Though if The Last Crusade has anything to tell us, X never marks the spot. So, clearly it’s a red hearing. Or is it?

There are also small dots on specific areas around the map. One of which is just inside of the Porta Pertusa, another is in the Palace of the Governorate, with a third being in the library.

The whole trailer is basically an Indiana Jones movie and is full of hidden clues. The unnamed game is being developed by Bethesda and Machine Games.