Neverwinter is Heading Back to the Feywild

The first Neverwinter expansion for 2021 is returning back to the Feywild in Sharandar and there’s a trailer to go along with it. The three episode adventure module releases February 9 on PC and on March 9 on consoles.

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Feywild is a plane of plants, animals, and wild magic. Compared to Neverwinter’s last few updates, it’s a longshot from adventuring through the Nine Hells in Avernus. Sharandar is a familiar location to veteran players of the MMORPG and the new release is set to enhance the area by completely overhauling its design.

Perfect World is splitting the module into three chapters – like the Avernus adventure – and players will gain access to new gear, loot, and a whole campaign. The Feywild is home to many interesting creatures as well. From redcaps, faerie dragons, and pixies to fairies and hags, it’s chaotic and ever changing.

Episode 1: The Iron Tooth will introduce players to the new Vault of Stars dungeon. While Episode 2: The Soul Keeper and Episode 3: The Odious Court are set to release on Neverwinter later. The main villain of the campaign appears to be a hag. Let’s hope for a coven, too.

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