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Remembering Bray Wyatt

We don’t typically do news-based posts, but with the sudden passing of Bray Wyatt, we felt some thoughts were appropriate. Windham Rotunda wrestled with the WWE as the character Bray Wyatt, and he tragically passed on Thursday.

I had watched WWE on and off in my adolescence. One of the early dates I took Dorian on was seeing WWE when they came to our home city. Neither of us really followed it, but we had a good time haha.

In 2018, we began watching in earnest. And that was because, one night when we randomly turned on the tv, Bray Wyatt was fighting Seth Rollins. Bray was doing his Fiend character, and we were mesmerized. We were taken in by his performance, by the spectacle, and by this darker storyline.

We watched WWE regularly for Bray, and we were beyond excited when he returned in fantastic fashion in 2022. The character not only of the Fiend, but of Bray Wyatt himself inspired us as creators. His was the first merchandise we ever bought from WWE. Last Christmas I bought Dorian a death moth necklace from Etsy inspired by Bray’s 2022 return.

Thursday night we were sitting together, playing Baldur’s Gate 3, when we saw the news. It is shattering, and we are both heartbroken.

Every time we sit down to watch WWE, we will remember that is because of Windham Rotunda.