The Spool of Souls: Updates & News

Spool of Souls: September 2023 Wrap-Up

We haven’t done a Spool of Souls in forever! It’s time to give all of you an update on Thread of Souls and our current projects.

Writing Book V

Book V in our Thread of Souls series is in the process of being written, with an anticipation of publication in Spring of 2024. As the books get more involved and the series plot thickens, more time is needed for each book. So 12-month releases are unlikely haha. Part 1 has been completed and gone through its first two rounds of edits. We are currently in the middle of Part 2.

book covers


We only have one chapter left to record for the first audiobook of Phantom Five. After that, we’ll go through the editing process and then release it! We are only a team of two, and we do work full time on top of running Thread of Souls and Game Sandwich. We are excited to soon be getting the first of many audiobooks released!

New Merch

We have a launched a handful of new merchandise in our Redbubble shop! These include a Jade typography shirt and sticker, a Drybarrel Ale shirt, a Phantom Five phone cover, an Ash & Thunder journal, a Path of the Spiders bag, and an Asunder scarf!

Our Lives

This year has been a busy time of transition. We’re coming off both being laid off from our FT salaried jobs, a period of unemployment, and getting back to work in July after moving to a new state. We’re finally settling back into a routine and returning to our Thread of Souls projects. We also sold our car and bought a new one, a sexy yellow hatchback! All in all, it’s been crazy busy and we’re ready for things to slow down haha.

Until next time!

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