Bardic Inspiration

Our Top Picks of Spotify Music to Write To

Discover our go-to instrumentals that we use when sitting down to do some writing.

If you are like me, then music can be really distracting when you write. I tend not to listen to anything at all because I am either dancing, imagining, or rocking out to the beat. So when I do find something that is both inspiring and non-distracting, I gravitate towards it.

Here I want to share with you my favorite instrumentals from Spotify that are easy-listens when writing for the Thread of Souls books.

  1. The French Library by Franz Gordon

I like this track because it is so simple and peaceful. Oftentimes I don’t even realize it specifically is playing. There is an elegance to the melody that inspires one to write.

2. Bright Light of the Day by Whalebone

This one really relaxes me. It is such a beautiful, gentle melody that I just feel inspired anytime I hear it.

3. Spirit of the Gael by Alasdair Fraser

My Celtic ancestry has me loving all Celtic sounds. There is something ancient and wild but also soothing about it.

4. Concerning Hobbits by Chill Astronaut

Lord of the Rings always inspires me, but their soundtracks tend to be very grandiose and distracting while I write. So this “chill” version of Concerning Hobbits is very dear to me.

5. Cookin’ in Hateno Village by Wizard of Loneliness

The Legend of Zelda is another inspirational story for me. This soundtrack takes one of the best melodies but makes it more relaxing, making it an easy-listen while writing.

6. Dragonborn by Qumu

This is from the Elder Scrolls video games. While their version of Dragonborn is very intense and heroic, this one is easy going, giving notes of adventure while not pulling your concentration from writing.

7. The Dream of Taliesin by Jeff Johnson

I may be personally partial to this one as Taliesin is the name of a primary character from Thread of Souls. But it is relaxing and always gets a lot of emotions going in me. Great for writing to.

8. Thoughtful by Peder B. Helland

One of things I like best about this track is that is is 11+ minutes long. It’s nice to have on for awhile for writing.